Sunday, April 05, 2015

Happy Easter!

Lovely Easter graphic by Abby at Little Birdie Blessings
Mr. T and I would like to wish a blessed Easter to all of our friends and readers.  May you all have a wonderful day of celebrating Christ's victory over the grave and all that it means to us!

We will spend most of the day with church family, including an early service and a scrumptious breakfast together.  We will be singing the hymn at the top of the page, for sure!  I plan to serve a simple lunch of ham and vegetables (and most likely ice cream!) in the early afternoon after our 11 a.m. worship service.  Later on, we will have a birthday celebration for my daughter, whose birthday just happens to fall on Easter this year. 

It will be a lovely and meaningful day with family and friends, and we wish the same for you.  Happy Easter!


  1. That is one of my very favorite hymns. When I was a kid, our church used the 'Inspiring Hymns' hymnal, which I found on Amazon the other day and purchased a copy. It will be fun to go through it again. The old hymns have such a wonderful message!

  2. BTW, the recipe for the salad is in the text under the photo, I think. Proportions? I use lots of peapods, and probably 5 English cucumbers and as much of the other stuff as I feel like at the moment. Thanks for stopping in.

  3. Abby makes the sweetest graphics and that song is one of my favorites. Your Easter sounded as if it must have been very special. A church family is a great blessing.

  4. Hi ladies -- so nice to see all of you here at my kitchen table. What a nice gathering of friends!

    "One Day" -- yes, such a meaningful hymn and I love the graphic that Abby made with it. We always, always sing that one at Easter time.

    Judy -- I've not seen the "Inspiring Hymns" hymnal, though I do have a number of old hymnals acquired here and there over the years. I'm sure you will have fun getting reacquainted with it!

    As for the salad, what about amounts of lemon juice and olive oil? I am such a dunce about things like that. I can "wing it" with many recipes, but am not always confident about things like salad dressings. The salad looks truly amazing.

    Vee-- I agree, it is indeed a great blessing to have a church family. Ours is small, but truly like family. Our Easter was nice, though I did change one thing from what I had projected in this post. We were so full from our hearty breakfast at church that we just decided to skip Easter dinner altogether. We had what the grandkids call a "snacky supper" at their home around 5:30 to celebrate their mommy's birthday, so we certainly didn't need a midday meal. Maybe (although I have no pictures) I can do a sort of Easter reprise post tomorrow. We will see!


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