Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Daisy, daisy ...

The lovely daisy graphic is by Abby at Little Birdie Blessings
I am entirely delinquent in putting up this post.  For weeks, I have been wanting to share these gorgeous things which my dear friend J. created and sent to me.  She was inspired to make these lovely crafts with a daisy theme, then packaged them up and surprised me with a little parcel in the mail.

These items have been on my desk for longer than I care to admit, waiting for me to get photos of them.  I finally gave up and simply scanned them!  The scans really don't do these lovely items justice,  but it is better than not sharing them at all.  She only sent the one coaster, but it is in both pictures so it looks like there are two.  I believe she said this was made from apron fabric.  It is a gorgeous print!  I had seen the teacup coasters on a blog and really hope to make some. 

I apologize for the little card at lower right being sideways.  I didn't pay attention when I did the scan.  The daisy on the gift enclosure card is a vintage white button with a teensy yellow pompom glued to the center.  So creative!
J. made the bookmark and the little gift enclosure by scanning the daisy fabric and printing on cardstock.
The coaster again, plus J. found a sweet poem about daisies and shared that as well.
Hope you have enjoyed seeing J's creativity!  I'm inspired to do something similar with other themes -- other flowers, fruits, etc. -- or even a Christmas or valentine theme! -- as surprise gifts for some of my other friends.  Creativity can be contagious!


  1. What is it about a package in the mail that brightens ones spirits? It seems to always bring a smile and those daisies would brighten any day. :)

  2. Very sweet little package! I have been making those tea cup coasters like crazy. They fit so nicely into an envelope and bring the receiver some sunshine or, in your case, some daisies!

  3. Thanks, ladies! I thought it was so sweet of my friend.

    Vee, I had seen those coasters on your blog, followed the link you shared and really, really wanted to make some. Haven't had time yet but they look like such a fun and easy way to use small bits of fabric.

    Nikki, I know just what you mean! In this day of email and texting, there is just something so encouraging about an actual package in the mail!

    Have a nice weekend, both of you!


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