Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A gift of a day

How serene!
I mentioned this in passing, in the post I wrote about the hike with the grandkids.  But a couple of weeks ago, Mr. T and I were blessed with the gift of a day.  Early in the week, I had made plans with our local daughter that I would meet her and her four kiddos at the lake on Friday.  A good day was predicted, and I could use some relaxing time.

Surprisingly, Mr. T (who could use relaxation even more than I) ended up with most of Friday off.  We were able to head to the lake together.  I hadn't told anyone he was coming, just in case something fell through and he ended up working.  And also, it would be fun to surprise the kids!

We have a busy life with many responsibilities and -- as I think I mentioned in the post about the hike -- he has a demanding (though enjoyable) job with long hours and sometimes a lengthy commute.  So every day I pray that we might find some time, no matter how little, to relax.  Sometimes it is truly surprising to see God's provision (although we shouldn't be taken by surprise: He is all-powerful, after all!).  That Friday was one of those amazing times.  We would not have thought to ask God for a day off, but He knew what we needed and provided it anyway!
I find this view so calming.

I think she had just eaten some sand in this picture. 

Crawling is even more fun in sand!
Hope you've enjoyed this look at our special, relaxing day!


  1. Those kinds of days are precious and will stay in the memory!! That little granddaughter is so precious!

  2. Oh so true Arlene! I'm thankful for blogs and digital cameras too that help us record such precious times. Yes, little Arielle is so sweet. It is fun to watch her grow and change almost every time we see her.


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