Thursday, August 13, 2015

Shades of pink

The weathered wood is a simple structure surrounding my dad's blueberry bushes.
I am trying to be a little more mindful this summer and take the camera along on the short daily trips to my dad's house.  I seldom remember, but I have taken it a handful of times, at least.  I just wish I would get better at using it.  Both Mr. T and I keep saying that we need to just read the book and try to figure the camera out.  (We had loved our old camera and one of us had become quite proficient with it.  Then one day he was fiddling around with settings and the camera just died.  Gave up the ghost.  Thankfully we had a new camera in reserve, having bought one on a Black Friday sale.  But we just don't like this one as well.)

All that to say that I do realize these pictures are not as good as they might be, and some of them are blurry.  But hopefully they convey the beautiful shades of pink I have been seeing the past couple of weeks.
These pink wildflowers are growing at the edge of a field near my dad's mailbox.  Every year I think I will get pictures, but I never do.  This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago.
These two are more recent; I took them Monday.  There were several different butterflies enjoying these flowers, as well as bees, but apparently I didn't capture them.
I didn't intend to get the red hay wagon in the picture.  It sort of clashes!  For the longest time I just couldn't figure out what these pink flowers are.  My friend Mrs. Doug has now identified them as Joe-Pye Weed, and says that butterflies love them.
These are back in our yard now ... pink bee balm with some frothy white aster-like flowers.  I liked the two together.
A closer look at the combination of flowers.
More pink bee balm
And a closer look.  That is a little yellow-green spider in the blossom to the left.

Back at my dad's ... more phlox.  Guess these are more lavender than pink.
I like the contrast of the weathered wood with the delicate flowers. 
 I wish I had paid more attention growing up, but I believe that these phlox and the ones at the beginning of the post were plants that my mother dug up at her grandparents' home place in Vermont.  She then replanted them in her back yard.  I'm hoping to do the same one of these days.

So those are the pretty flowers I've been seeing lately.  As I'm sure you know, clicking on the photos will enlarge them for better detail.  Enjoy these lovely shades of pink as I've been doing!


  1. Those are some beautiful flowers. I tell myself the same about our camera. If I would just study my book and take them in to get cleaned as they need it so bad. I always get black annoying.


  2. Black dots would definitely be annoying, Nikki! And I'm sure you have even less time to study your camera book than we do!

    Glad you enjoyed the flowers!

  3. Thanks, Arlene! Our season for flowers is so short up here, I am trying to enjoy it thoroughly while I can!

  4. I'm pretty sure that's Joe Pye Weed. Not for sure, but it looks like it. and the butterflies love it. See the above web site... it is also edible.


  5. I believe you are right, Mrs. Doug!!! Thanks for sharing that link. It's interesting that tea can be made from it, too. Yes, there were several different types of butterflies enjoying it the day I took the most recent pics.

    Thanks so much for solving the mystery!


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