Sunday, August 02, 2015

August 1953

Here's the August page for the Woman's Day 1953 calendar.  I am not completely certain of how this fits with August.  The field looks newly plowed.  Yet the grasses at the edge are taking on a yellowish autumn look.  Still it is a pretty picture and I like the little white house at the edge, sheltered by trees.

I do love the Scripture verse that was chosen for this one.  Many days I feel laden down with responsibilities.  It is a good reminder that the Lord will give me rest (as well as strength) as I look to Him.


  1. Maybe they harvested the field and plowed it under to lay fallow for the winter Mrs T. We do that down south! Have a blessed Sunday!!

  2. You know, Arlene, you are probably right. I hadn't thought of that! Thanks for setting me straight! Hope you have had a blessed Sunday as well.


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