Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A transitional fall wreath

I love fall!  It is very easily my favorite season!  In fact, I even have a Pinterest board called I Love Fall!.  And another about pumpkin, and another about apples ... but I digress.

I was recently inspired by this post: Transitioning Fall into Your Home by Denise at RefreshHer. It's well worth your read!  You will find some fun and doable fall decorating ideas.  Denise expressed the thought that fall comes gradually, not all at once, and so it's fun to do your fall decorating gradually,  as well.  I quite often do this, adding a judicious amount of fall decor in September, then more in October (I do not decorate for Halloween, however).  Then at the beginning of  November I will add in some Thanksgiving touches.

Often, though, for my front door wreath -- I have a grapevine wreath which is wound with silk ivy and change the trims with the seasons -- I simply tuck in some colorful fall leaves and it stays that way for the entire three months of fall. 

This time, inspired by Denise's post, I decided to do something just a little different for September.
The above photo was taken with my Kindle, so it isn't as good as I'd have liked.  But you get the idea!  Oh, and our door is not maroon as it looks in the picture.  Just weathered wood.
I tucked in some faux sunflowers and a few leaves I had in my stash that are more yellow-green with a touch of orange -- more like real leaves that are just beginning to turn.  I would ordinarily write a chalkboard message like "Happy Fall!" but since fall is not yet here I went with "Welcome Fall".  I am going to work on my first installment of fall decorating throughout the week, but wanted to get the front door taken care of first thing.

Have fun with your fall decorating!


  1. Super excited for this series of posts. Fall is my favorite, too!

  2. I love your welcome fall wreath. I can't believe that were half a month from October. Where did the year go?

  3. Gradual seems just right for me as well. Very nice wreath! I need to give some thought to one for my door.

  4. Hi everyone! It is so nice to see you all here!

    Vee, I hope you are feeling better! You've been in my prayers.

    Tori -- yes, half a month from October! How can that possibly be so? But I know it is!

    Laura -- stay tuned; not sure how soon I'll get another decorating post up, but I have done a bit. Still have to take a few photos.

    Happy September, all of you! (Though it feels more like July here today.)

  5. Thanks for the shout out to my blog, Mrs. T! Glad the post inspired you! Your wreath is perfect! Happy fall!

  6. You are welcome, Denise! And I thank *you* for the inspiration! I hope to finish the last of my September decorating today. We will see. Happy fall to you, also!


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