Monday, November 23, 2015

A few of my green and white dishes

Today for No Place Like Home, I thought I would share some of my green and white dishes. I have several different partial sets of dishes in this color scheme.  I guess green and white dishes are on my mind because I will very often use my varied green and white dinner plates at Thanksgiving.  They would be pretty for Christmas too!

When I was growing up, the family summer cottage kitchen was furnished with a complete set of "Colonial Homestead" dinnerware. It had everything from the usual plates, cups and saucers, etc. to tumblers, butter dishes, salt & pepper shakers, and even trivets for hot dishes. I loved those dishes and always wished for a set. The different pictures on the various pieces were deeply fascinating to me. (And now that I think about it, I think that the very completeness of the set had its own fascination.)

One day, as an adult, I was at another lady's home for a tea party and noticed she had some teacups in this pattern. I mentioned how much I had always liked these dishes and how I had never seen any, other than in the cottage of my childhood. From that time on, this dear lady kept an eye out whenever she was anywhere old dishes might be -- thrift stores, yard sales ... even the town dump. And slowly but surely my cupboard began to hold quite a respectable assortment of "Colonial Homestead" pieces. 

My friend has moved away.  By now,  in addition to cups and saucers, I have sugar bowls and creamers, dessert plates, dinner plates, a salt shaker, little sauce dishes -- that may be all.  I did have a perfectly lovely platter, sort of squarish, but it broke, unfortunately.  You can see the salt shaker and the teacup below.  Oh -- and also some green and white Fiesta salt and pepper shakers! 
And one day a few years back, my mother-in-law called to offer me some old vegetable dishes she thought might look nice in my kitchen. Yes, they also are "Colonial Homestead"! There are two sizes of bowls and they are wonderful, in perfect shape.  Here is the sugar bowl and creamer from the Colonial Homestead set (also seen at top of post):

And here is one side of a teacup -- a cameo. There's a cameo of a colonial gentleman too.

Here is the other side of the teacup -- a "God Bless Our Home" sampler.
In her search for these dishes, my friend began to find a few other green and white pieces which looked as if they might be "Colonial Homestead" but turned out not to be. So I have a few pieces from a set called "The Old Curiosity Shop". This creamer is one I found at a yard sale, but I also have a few odd saucers, a bread plate or two, and some dinner plates.  The creamer depicts an oil lamp, a pair of reading glasses, and what I think of as a Bible.  I also have another creamer, with a design of a sailing ship, which I believe is from a set called "Currier and Ives".  All of these are by Royal. 
As I was looking over the teacups in my cupboard, I also noticed a couple of other green and white ones. These are from a set called "Pastoral" and I have also some saucers, some bread plates, and some cereal bowls in this pattern. The one side of the teacup (I apologize for the blurry photo) shows a man driving a horse and wagon.

The other side of the "Pastoral" teacup shows a house and barn. The different pieces all feature various scenes from rural life.
 Someone mentioned this in the comments (I think it was Bernideen), and I just had to add to the post, that these Colonial Homestead dishes were their everyday dishes growing up, and that the set had been acquired through collecting stamps earned at the grocery store.  Several guests in our home have told us that exact same thing -- "These were the everyday dishes I grew up with!" -- and my mother-in-law told me she acquired her pieces at the First National grocery store.  So there is more history for you.  Thanks, Bernideen, for sharing that, as it jogged my memory.

I find that I am drawn to green and white dishes, and have many more of them -- just odds and ends -- in other patterns.  I wish that I had pictures of all of my green and white dishes, but alas, I do not.  Perhaps later this week I can get a few photos and add them to this post!

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  1. Hello Mrs. T,
    I adore the green and white! Next to the red and white transferware, the green and white is my favourite. Green has long been a favourite colour of mine so it's only natural that I would lean towards it in china too. You have some wonderful pieces and your friend is so thoughtful to look for pieces for you. I would love to see your collection when you are able to put it together. This week with the holiday is no doubt very busy for you. I appreciate you sharing with us today and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

    Autumn blessings,

  2. What a lovely collection of green transferwares. I especially like the teacups featuring cameo designs. You're fortunate to have a friend who kept an eye out for pieces for you.

  3. We share some of the same dishes. They're a favorite of mine. Enjoyed seeing them in your home. Sorry I couldn't read the words that go with the pics, as my eyes are too old for small and faint font. Oh, the joys of aging.

  4. These were our everyday dishes when I was growing up. I think as I recall, you could get them through collecting stamps you received for guying groceries at the "Colonial Store" grocery where my grandmother worked. I washed these dishes every night. Whenever I see them at antique malls it brings back memories.

  5. I love those dishes and isn't it fun to have something to collect? It is kind of like a treasure hunt!!

  6. Anonymous3:19 PM

    Lovely and old fashioned!

  7. Ladies, it is so nice to see all of you here! Thanks for stopping by to see my simple green and white dishes!

    Sandi -- yes, it's a busy week with our Thanksgiving coming up on Thursday. I will no doubt be using my green and white dinner plates for the meal so I will try and get pictures of the table then.

    Margie -- yes, those cameos are nice, aren't they, and I also enjoy the "home sweet home" samplers on the same cups.

    Dayle -- isn't it fun that we share some of the same dishes?! I'm so sorry that the font is hard for you to read. Thanks for coming and looking at my dishes and leaving a comment!

    Bernideen -- I have had several people tell me that these dishes were the ones their family used when they were growing up. My mother-in-law got her vegetable dishes at the First National grocery store. The people who told me about the dishes their families had remembered them so fondly.

    Arlene -- yes, it is fun to have something to collect. I also collect strawberry items, but the dish hunt is indeed like a treasure hunt!

    Anonymous -- thanks for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed seeing the dishes!

  8. We have these green dishes too. They were my Mom's good set of china given to Mom and Dad as a wedding gift from Gramdma Gibbs. They were originally sold in a supermarket... like they sometimes have today where you collect different pieces probably with "green stamps" at that time, remember those? I think somewhere we still have a collection of "green stamps". They used to hand those out at the grocery store in Woodsville where my parents did their weekly shopping. However, our set of green dishes (the original ones) came to New England from Washington State. We found a large set at a the thrift store in Warren a few years back and Mr. D bought them all for me for Christmas, so I have quite a large set now. If I ever get back into my home, I'll have a whole set to display in the china cabinet. They make my heart happy when I see them at your house.

    See you tonight.

  9. Your green dishes are so pretty, I love the cameo!
    It is so sweet that your friend looks for pieces for you. Sometimes those patterns are hard to find so it's nice that someone else is looking too.
    The green will be so pretty at Christmas, any time of year, but especially at Christmas!
    Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  10. Mrs. Doug -- I thought I remembered that you had those dishes growing up. Did not realize they had come to New England all the way from Washington state!! Really neat that they were your mom's good set of china and that they were a wedding gift. Oh, how I pray, whenever I pray for you, that you will soon be able to get back into your home. A whole set of these dishes to display in the china cabinet! How pretty that will be! I can just see them at Christmas with sprigs of holly and pine tucked here and there among them. In the meantime, I am so glad that it makes your heart happy to see the Colonial Homestead pieces that I have.

    Kimberley -- thanks for the visit and sweet comments! My friend who found so many of the dishes for me moved away, but I imagine she will get in touch if she happens upon a treasure trove of Colonial Homestead! Yes, these would be very pretty at Christmas. I hadn't really thought of that prior to writing this post, as I have a nice set of Christmas dishes that I usually use in December. I will have to give these green ones some time on the table as well.


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