Monday, November 02, 2015

November 1953

One more calendar page from 1953 and the Woman's Day calendar.  I have always so enjoyed these little calendars, which used to come bound into the center of the January issue of the magazine each year.  This November illustration is not my favorite, because it just looks too cold and snowy.  In early November, at least, the trees would not be this bare.  There would still be oak leaves, at the very least, clinging to the branches.  And we wouldn't have this much snow.  By Thanksgiving, of course, we could possibly have snow that stays for the winter.  But hopefully not!

Still, the illustration does convey a sense of the stillness and quietness (even in its colors) that we find in November.  The hustle and bustle of the harvest is over and the land is still, just waiting for winter it seems.

This beautiful Scripture verse is another of my favorites.  If we were to read on to verse 2 of Psalm 121, we would find this clarification as to the source of our help: "My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth."  The psalm goes on to detail some of the many ways in which God cares for His people.  It is only eight verses.  Why not read Psalm 121 today?  It will truly set your heart toward thanksgiving!


  1. I always enjoy your vintage posts Mrs T!! Back to a calmer gentler time...ahhhh

  2. Here, too, it's not quite that barren-looking yet. That usually happens more in January. Love that passage.

  3. Ladies, it is so nice to see you both here. Yes, Arlene -- a calmer, gentler time. Things were not perfect in those years but seemed so much better than now. But this is the time God allowed us to be in, so we encourage ourselves in Him and move forward.

    Barbara, it is a delight to have you visiting here at my kitchen table. I know that you are a very busy lady indeed. Yes, the picture does look much more like January than November, but the Scripture passage, as you noted, is such a blessing. I need to remind myself every day that my help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.

  4. I loved seeing what the calendar would have looked like in 1953. Sometimes I long for a time like that when things were not so hectic!
    Here in Illinois we are up into the 70's for this week, until Friday when the temperature will go back down to normal. So, now that we are having this warm weather again it will be hard to deal with snow!
    Have a wonderful week!

  5. Kimberley, so nice to see you here! I definitely long for simpler times like the one I grew up in.

    It's warm here in NH this week also -- in the sixties. Dare I say, it is what we in New England call true Indian Summer weather. I talked with my daughter in northeastern Nevada this morning, and they have several inches of snow on the ground and it's still falling.


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