Thursday, December 03, 2015

A fun poem ~ "December Treasures"

I thought I would get December Daily off to a good start for 2015 with a fun poem I found.  As many readers know, I get out my stack of Country Woman issues from years past, every November or December and have fun enjoying their country goodness all over again.  This year I found the poem "December Treasures" on the back cover of the the November/December 2000 issue. The poet is Sylvia Jasperson of Rice Lake, Wisconsin.  Enjoy!

December Treasures

Cookies and candy,
Ribbons and bows,
Warm woolen mittens,
A cherry-red nose,

Bright shiny tinsel
And Christmas tree lights,
A jingle of sleigh bells 
On cold snowy nights,

A plump frosty snowman,
A wreath on the door,
The sweet sound of carols,
And presents galore ...

The sharp scent of pine
Helps me remember
Why of all of the months, 
I treasure December!
~ Sylvia Jasperson

Hope this little poem gets your December off to a merry start!


  1. Such a pretty poem and a great way to start off December!
    So true about the scent of pine, it's an amazing smell that always reminds me of Christmas and the tree!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs, Kimberley

  2. The scent of pine is a good one...we get a whiff from the wreath whenever the door is opened.

  3. Ladies, I am glad you enjoyed the poem. And yes -- the scent of pine, so wonderful. I like balsam even better. Last time I was at LL Bean I bought a bag of the balsam needles and plan to make some Christmas ornaments using it.


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