Wednesday, December 02, 2015

December 1953

Here is the last calendar page from the 1953 Woman's Day calendar.  The picture by Warren Chappell for this month may be my favorite of all of them.  Light spills from the windows of the old New England farmhouse, and the leafless trees are black against the dusky blue sky -- this blue is a color only seen at dusk in winter.  What a tranquil December scene.  Life was so much simpler, and in many ways happier, back then.


  1. I always loved the Woman's Day calendars!!! Do they still have them? I no longer buy magazines but I may try to find one for old time's sake! Do you remember Gladys Tabor writing Butternut Wisdom in either Woman's Day or Family Circle? I so loved every word she ever wrote!! AND I've read them all - over and over!!

    Actually - I just skipped over to Google and found out both magazines are alive and well!!! I am on a mission to get copies of the current issues!

  2. Linda, have fun with your new Family Circle and Woman's Days! You can often find subscription offers for them very cheap -- like under $10 for a subscription. I don't buy magazines anymore either. I have so many in my stash already, including all of my mother's old December issues from the 1950s and 1960s.

    I also used to love reading Gladys Taber's Butternut Wisdom. It was one of the first places I would turn in a new issue. I've read many of Gladys' books repeatedly and own a few of them. I love her writing as you do.

  3. Very art work depicting New England farms and the light from the window.

  4. Me too, Vee! There is just something about light spilling from windows into the dusk -- I just love it.


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