Thursday, December 17, 2015

Just checking in

Vintage coffee ad from my collection.  Love those cups!
I'm actually not in the kitchen this afternoon, but rather in the craft room trying to make some headway on a few gifts.  But here's what's been happening in the kitchen:

* Dipped a package of marshmallows (just the tops) in melted chocolate and then in either sprinkles or crushed candy canes.  I didn't try one, but they looked good!  These were for a kids' party at church.

* Made a double batch of chocolate butter cookies and dipped them in sprinkles -- sent most of those to the kids' party as well.

* Bought more ingredients while grocery shopping today to make more of those chocolate-dipped marshmallows and also more chocolate dipped orange slices which have become a huge favorite in this house. 

I also plan to make date balls, fudge, and a few more kinds of cookies over the next few days.  Need to get a festive package off to Nevada as soon as I complete the gifts for that family!

Lentil soup is simmering in the slow cooker so I don't need to worry about supper.

I've just brewed a mug of White Christmas tea and am ready to get back to the sewing machine (and an Amazon wish list or two or three!).  Hope your Christmasy projects are coming along well!


  1. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Looks so cozy!

  2. Sounds like you have a very productive day in the kitchen, so much fun to do these sweet projects! We have gotten quite a bit of snow here today, so it has been really nice to see that! May the Lord bless all your endeavors to bless your family and friends in this season :)

  3. I was going to make some potholders, but I think that I'll let them go. Not feeling it. Your marshmallows and orange slices sound delicious.


  4. Thanks, ladies, for the sweet and thoughtful comments.

    Anonymous -- nice to see you here!

    Spicing -- We still don't have any snow and it has been unseasonably warm. It's odd, but I really don't mind.

    Vee -- I've been letting a few things go, also. I'll finish any remaining gifts for the faraway family and send them after Christmas. Yes, those marshmallows are pretty and I'm sure they will taste good, also. The orange slices are a new innovation for us, but they're delicious.


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