Monday, December 07, 2015

A little more Christmasy progress ...

A favorite vintage card from my collection.
On Saturday my granddaughter and I baked two kinds of cookies, Chocolate Mint Crisps and Double Drizzle Pecan Cookies (check my Christmas blog for the recipes) and also made chocolate-dipped orange slices.

I think it was Friday that I finally put up the Christmas ribbon board in the front hallway.  This blurry photo is from a previous year.

And last evening, Mr. T got our Christmas tree set up in our bedroom.

 Of course we will have a living room tree as well, but this slim tree works well upstairs and we really enjoy its cheery glow in the early mornings when it's time to face another day.

More Christmas progress to come... 


  1. That's quite a large tree for your bedroom. I think it is an exceptional idea. My bed is decorated; alas, no tree.

  2. It is sort of large, but is quite narrow, so it tucks in by my crafting desk quite easily. This is a tree we got at Jo-Ann Fabrics some years ago for practically nothing, which is a good thing since it was obviously a used tree. Think tokens and cards from board games in the box with the tree ... In addition, the tree was not the one pictured on the box and was far too skinny for our living room. I pondered, "Maybe we could use it upstairs somewhere..." and the rest is history. No going back. We love this tree.


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