Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Last day of November

 Where, oh, where, did November go?  It was a whirl of activity, it seems to me.

We swapped cookies.
Photo and recipe from Steph's Silver Boxes
We met up with a cousin of mine in an equidistant town for lunch and a walk by the lake.  Only a couple of pictures were taken.  It was a glorious sunny day, perfect for what we had planned.
We followed that walkway around to the right.  A lovely day.
We had Thanksgiving dinner on the Monday before with my dad at the nursing home.
Pretty centerpieces, place mats, etc. made this meal really festive.
Tables were set up in the activity room so larger groups like ours could have a table just for their family.  Here you see Sam's heaping plate, while Josiah waits for his to be served.
I made owls and alphabet letters.
I baked pies.  Three, over the month.  Here is one:

And there was much more.  We did some Christmas shopping, we had supper out, went to dental and eye appointments, enjoyed a harvest dinner at church.  Just a busy month.

And now December is at the door.  How exciting!  I am hoping to post daily in both of my blogs, but for sure in my Christmas Kitchen.  We will see!


  1. You have been busy Mrs T!!! And are the winner of my December giveaway. I will try to get it in the mail to you soon.

  2. Yes, and I imagine that you will be every bit as busy!☺ Enjoy the season...


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