Sunday, December 11, 2016

Do visit my Christmas kitchen!

Just a quick reminder that if you haven't visited my Christmas blog, Mrs. T's Christmas Kitchen, you might like to do so.  I try and post there every day during December, but it didn't happen yesterday due to Christmas time busyness!  However, if you click either "December Daily" or "Christmas in July" in the label cloud, you will find months worth of daily posts with loads of interesting links, recipes, crafts, poems, and more. 

Here on my regular blog, you could click on "December Daily" or "Delights of December" in the label cloud for many more daily December posts I've done in the past.  I try not to repeat a lot of information, but there's bound to be a bit of duplication.

I know that not all of my readers follow both of my blogs, so I'd just like to encourage you to check out my Christmas kitchen if you don't ordinarily visit there.  Enjoy!


  1. Well I have just spent a pleasant while poking about there. A number of cookie recipes are speaking to me IF I have the ingredients I need. I have determined that a snow day tomorrow will be a good day for baking and then freezing cookies.

  2. Oh, that will be fun, Vee! I have determined the same thing myself, as we also have that same predicted snowstorm. It would be fun to try some new recipes. Keep me posted as to what cookies you bake!

  3. I admit that I am always forgetting to check out your Christmas blog Mrs T. Thanks for the reminder. I plan to spend the day in my Christmas Kitchen, making treats for the holidays.

    1. Great, Arlene! I hope you have a wonderful day in your own Christmas Kitchen! I made some cookie dough yesterday but ran out of time to bake the cookies, so will be doing that today. I also hope to make some fudge and some little apricot cakes for gifts.

      I've already made a batch of your Easy Fudge, and yesterday passed the recipe on to my daughter when she had a fudge emergency. She was very pleased with how it came out!


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