Friday, January 20, 2017

More sweet gifts

A few days ago I posted about the sweet strawberry mug set from my mother-in-law.  I didn't mention that this was actually a birthday gift, but it was.  And now I must share just a few more, these from my daughter Carrie.  Carrie is one of the world's most thoughtful gift-givers, as is her sister Joanna.

She gave me these lovely reversible place mats from the Pioneer Woman line,  a set of six.
Aren't they pretty?  I can see myself using the yellow side most, but both sides will look nice in our dining room.

There was also an Amazon gift card to buy myself a book or whatever I might like.

And then!  Well, I've already given it away at the top of the post, but as I unwrapped the box, I guessed that it might contain an electric wax warmer.  I never guessed how special it would be, however.

Back at Christmas, Carrie had given me two of these gorgeous plates which she actually had found at Walmart.  (I never saw them, but then I barely, if at all, went into the Christmas department there prior to Christmas.)
She had also given me several more fun gifts in the tree-on-a-vehicle theme.  You can see them all and read about them here: Oh, what fun.

Anyway, now I'm opening a birthday present, guessing it may be a wax warmer, and oh joy, it matches those adorable plates!

Isn't it so much fun?  Know how wax warmers have holes in them where the light shines through?  On this one, the light shines through the station wagon's headlights.  Can't wait to use it next year!


  1. Gorgeous gifts!! I love the Pioneer Woman's things at Walmart but I have to avoid that aisle.:) I must have missed those Christmas plates as well because at least one would have come home with me.


  2. Aren't they so nice, Arlene? That's interesting that you never saw the plates either. They coordinate with those "Hope", "Joy", "Peace" etc. plates from a few years back.

    And the Pioneer Woman place mats were actually on clearance!😊

  3. What very sweet and thoughtful gifts! The wax melter and plate are just the cutest things and so clever that the light shines out through the headlights. What fun! Have a wonderful weekend. I think ours is going to be rainy, and that's better than snowy.

  4. Thanks so much, Judy! I thought they were so sweet.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well. It's cloudy here in New Hampshire. Think snow and rain are predicted for next week. It's been a rainy winter here -- some snow, but mostly rain.

  5. Oh, what sweet and truly thoughtful gifts! I am so happy for you, Mrs T! I always love hearing what has been happening in your lovely part of the world...{{smiles}}
    Enjoy the chilly weather!
    Hugs and love and plenty o' sunshine from sunny South Africa!

    1. Thanks so much, Kelly-Anne! I do have very thoughtful daughters, which is such a blessing. They know just the sort of thing that I enjoy.

      Your part of the world is pretty, too, though I must say New England is my favorite of anyplace I have visited (so far). Friends from our church are spending their winter in South Africa. I think we could still have snow to greet them upon their return!


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