Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A simple and fun after-Christmas buy

I did very little after-Christmas shopping this year.  Did find a couple of things which I won't show that I have put away for next year's gifting.  Bought a couple of bags of New England Coffee in holiday flavors like Eggnog and Gingerbread Cookie.  About the only thing I found that I thought unique enough to take a picture of is these pretty bowls.  I bought two of them.

Probably the only reason I found these is that I noticed them while doing my regular grocery shopping at our local Hannaford supermarket.  These pretty bowls with their pine cone motif are a sort of plastic, like melamine, I would say.  They were 79¢ each!  They are sort of an odd size, not really large enough for serving bowls, but too big for cereal or desserts.  We found that they did work well to hold a salad for two people, and I'm sure I will think of other uses.  Decorative uses, if nothing else! 


  1. Too big for cereal? Just right for popcorn! They are pretty. I like the Christmas table topper beneath, too.

  2. You're right .... popcorn would be a perfect thing to use these bowls for! The topper is a round place mat I made a few years ago. A project I had been wanting to make for a good 25 years or so. Finally got around to doing so! I made ten of them.

  3. My grands would like those for pop corn bowls!!

  4. Popcorn would be a great idea! Looks like you and Vee were on the same wavelength. You know, for years we had popcorn, plus usually apples and cheese and crackers, for Sunday night suppers. It was late enough when we got home from our evening service that we just preferred a light, snack-type meal. Since going to an afternoon service (with a lunch in between) we haven't done that. Guess I ought to buy some popcorn!


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