Friday, September 22, 2017

A blessed Fall to all!

 It's fall by the calendar, though really we don't have much of any seasonal color up here yet.  It's just beginning.  Our weather has been unusually warm, too.  Thus, the photos in this post are nearly all from previous autumns.  There are just a couple of individual leaves that I've found and scanned this month.

Road  near my dad's

At The Wilds of New England
On one of Mr. T's job sites
Shed at my dad's place
Multicolored leaves against blue sky
 Now for the aforementioned leaves:

 The tiny red leaf was found in my driveway.  The very unusual brown leaf (which looks to me as if it has been decorated with watercolors) is one that I found near the path by my cabin at The Wilds of New England last Saturday.

Wishing each of you a truly blessed and productive autumn season.  That's what I'm praying for myself, too!


  1. If I find an interesting leaf, I'm going to try scanning it as well. (I went many years without a printer, but have one now! ) I was hoping for a cooler day today, but it is muggy and warm. One never knows quite how to dress. The colors so far this year are dull. Hope that it picks up.

    🍁Happy Weekend and Happy Fall!

  2. It really works well, Vee. One thing I haven't tried is to place a paper background of some sort over the leaf as it is scanned. I think that could be pretty.

    In that apple spice recipe card I posted, I arranged the leaf with the recipe card before scanning it. It doesn't look perfect but I think it came out well enough.

    Somewhat muggy and warm here today too ... I'm headed to the Wilds again and wasn't at all sure how to pack! I saw some pretty color in a swamp down there last weekend, but really, I don't expect much color here for another week or two.

  3. Happy fall Mrs. T! I hope you've been well since my last visit. Enjoy the season!

    1. Happy fall to you, too, Julie! I've been praying for you and now, having read your most recent post (but not having found time to comment on it), I am praying more specifically. I hope you can enjoy the season, too.

  4. Believe it or not Mrs T, the trees are already starting to change here in the South. Of course it usually peaks here at the end of October. I love all the beauty of this season.

    1. Wow. Our trees have barely begun to change. I suppose a lot of it is that we've had no freezing temps as yet. Fall is definitely my favorite season!

  5. Beautiful!! The leaves her in the Pocono mountains of Pa. are just starting to turn.....And we have been in a heat wave!!
    Thanks so much for sharing!!

    1. Oh, you live in a beautiful area too, Deb! We've been in a heat wave too ... hope it's ending soon!


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