Friday, September 22, 2017

Paperless Post -- a review

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Recently I was given the opportunity to try out Paperless Post, a company that offers the capability to create one's own unique online and paper stationery.  There are many attractive designs for cards, invitations, and much more that can be completely customized to reflect one's own personal style (or, in the case of cards, the personality of the recipient).  According to their About page, since 2009 Paperless Post users have sent out over 85 million cards for all occasions.

I was interested to try this out because I often send e-cards for birthdays and other occasions.  It's been getting more difficult to find cards that I like everything about.  So the opportunity to customize my own digital cards with photos, personal messages, and more, seemed like a very good one.

Although I have only begun with seeing what Paperless Post has to offer, I like it so far.  I decided to start by creating some birthday cards for some of my grandchildren.

There are many, many birthday cards to choose from, and you can find them by going to Paperless Post and choosing the birthday cards option. Not all of the cards would be to my taste, but then -- not all of the cards in stores are to my personal taste either.

I chose a cute design and got started.  The cards are completely customizable -- one can change the wording, change typefaces, text colors and sizes and much more.  These aren't at all like e-cards I've sent in the past where the design, greeting, etc. are put together in advance by someone else and I've just added a simple personal message.

First there's the card front -- as mentioned above, there are many great designs to choose from.  The message on the front can be changed if you wish, the font made larger or a different color, etc.  Next, you can choose an optional backdrop to complement your card.  This isn't necessary, but it's fun and there are many backdrops to select from.

Next comes the back of the card -- the place where the greeting is found.  You can use their greeting or write your own, choosing the font, the font color, size, spacing, etc.  The envelope back is the next step; you can choose your color of envelope to coordinate with your card and then add an optional envelope liner which is lots of fun.  Again, loads of choices for these.  For the envelope front, you again choose a font, etc. for the address.  You can choose a postmark and a stamp for your envelope.

The whole process was quite easy and fun.  It actually reminded me of the photo calendars and books I've made online, with the many options for personalization.  There is the option to send a card right away or to schedule it for a later date and time.  I have four birthday cards already scheduled for four of my grandchildren.  I love the way these cards can be customized to suit the recipient and it's been such fun to choose designs that the kids will enjoy.  I also love the option to schedule the cards, as I am very prone to forgetting the dates and then scrambling to get a card sent.

All in all, I've greatly enjoyed customizing birthday cards with Paperless Post, and will be looking forward to personalizing and sending more of their cards to family and friends.  I would definitely recommend this site to my readers who might be interested in something like this.

This post was written in partnership with PaperlessPost and Anagram Interactive, but obviously all opinions are my own and reflect only my experiences.   I've also started customizing a few Christmas cards and will be posting about that over on my Christmas blog.

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