Thursday, November 30, 2017

From the November archives, part 3

Okay, here is the last and relatively brief post of links from the November archives.

In the mood for some comfort food that's hearty and yet a bit unusual?  Try this delicious autumn supper  which would be good all winter long.  It's a flavorful chicken stew which I served with pumpkin biscuits.  Both recipes are included.

And then finally, this post: Preparing to prepare for Christmas describes some steps I took to get ready for Christmas preparations like crafting and baking in 2015.  Although your own details and preparations will likely be different, I think you'll find some inspiration in this post.

And so ends my browse through the November archives.  Tomorrow will be December, and I'm hoping to post daily in my Christmas blog -- and possibly do "December Daily" posts here as well.  We will see!


  1. Well that would be ambitious, but then you are one who likes to be busy, Mrs. T. Pumpkin biscuits sound yummy. Wonder how they’d be with baked beans.

    1. I'm probably over-ambitious, Vee! But I find blogging to be therapy of a sort, and so I'm trying for daily posts at both blogs. So far, so good. It may not continue at this one, but I hope in a way that it does.

      Those pumpkin biscuits are good, and I think they'd be fine with baked beans. Let me know!


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