Monday, November 06, 2017

Our late-October getaway

During the last weekend of October, Mr. T and I were blessed to enjoy three wonderful days and nights on Back Lake in the Great North Woods region of our state.  This was the time we had available, and also the time we were able to book our very favorite cabin.  So, although the time frame was late October and there could easily be the potential for chilly weather and even snow, we planned our getaway, trusting God for whatever weather He would send.

It was raining when we headed out on Thursday, and rained quite hard for much of the way.  We stopped at a McDonalds about halfway into the trip and enjoyed coffee and muffins as we continued to travel north.

By the time we arrived at the cabin, the rain had slowed to a drizzle and we were able to unpack the van without getting anything wet.  Then, Mr. T started a crackling fire in the fireplace as we settled in.  What a treat that was on a chilly, drizzly day!
It was an easy supper night as well; I had made a chicken rice soup in the slow cooker for Wednesday night, and there was plenty left over to bring with us.  We enjoyed a relaxing evening by the fire and a wonderful night's rest.  We did not set an alarm clock the entire time we were there!

The rain had picked up again during the night, but Friday morning was very windy as the storm began to clear out.  After good quiet times in God's Word and in prayer, we took a walk and were very thankful we had brought our winter coats!  We walked as far as the public boat launch, which was a good walk.  Just as we approached the beach area, we saw a very large bird come in for a landing.

It was a blue heron!  We sat at a picnic table on the beach and watched it for awhile; it stalked along the shore but kept at a good distance from us.  We headed back to the cabin, and on the way Mr. T spied the heron again, on the lake shore right next to a house.  He was able to get a a fairly good picture of it.
Our friend Charlotte has a cabin in the area and she had invited us over for lunch.  What a bountiful lunch it was!  Salisbury steak, baked potatoes, squash, and broccoli -- with apple crisp for dessert!  After lunch we enjoyed a lovely visit on her sunny porch.  Amazingly, she had many flowers still blooming around her home.  Near the very end of October, at the 45th parallel -- pretty amazing to still have roses!

When we got back to our cabin, the weather was warm and sunny enough for us to enjoy some time on the water and the dock.  I sat on the dock for awhile soaking up the sunshine, though it was still too breezy to enjoy needlework -- one of my preferred occupations while dock-sitting.  Mr. T took his kayak out for awhile.

Later, we took another walk --one that Charlotte had told us about on Murphy Dam at Lake Francis.   It was still breezy and getting cold as we walked, but it was a lovely walk and one that we would (and did) do again.
Lake Francis, seen from one side of the dam
The village in the distance, seen from the other side of the dam
Supper was more leftover soup and some wrap sandwiches.  After the huge lunch we had enjoyed, I didn't need to prepare the supper I had planned.  While we ate, we watched a beautiful sunset.
The next morning dawned crisp and clear, with mist rising off the lake.  
We went out to breakfast at Happy Corner Cafe, one of our favorite local places.  Mr. T had stuffed French toast with sausage and I had an avocado omelet.  There is so much variety on the menu!
Avocado omelet
Stuffed French toast, sausage patties on the side
In late morning, Mr. T and our friend Charlotte took off to go kayaking at one of her favorite spots. 
I spent the time while they were gone doing all sorts of needlework while sitting on the dock or at the adjacent picnic table.  It was warm and sunny and just perfect for stitching while enjoying the outdoors!  You can read more about what I stitched over at my Christmas blog.
View from the dock
One of my cross-stitch projects
Later that afternoon we walked the dam again.  We went a little earlier this time so it wasn't as cold.  Then we came home and enjoyed a nice supper of pizza and three-bean salad.

The next morning we got everything packed and headed out in time to get to the church service we'd planned to attend.  After a lovely and leisurely lunch with friends, we drove home in a light drizzle -- the prelude to Sunday night's big storm. 

What a wonderful getaway it was!  We felt thoroughly refreshed and are so thankful for the quiet and restful time God gave us up north.


  1. Isn't it amazing how a weekend trip can do so much good for you? It sounds like an absolutely wonderful trip. Now I am headed to your Christmas blog to see what you stitched.

    1. It did so much good for us!! It was a wonderful trip indeed. Things have gotten sort of crazy since we got back, but that's par for the course, I guess!

  2. A much deserved break from the cares of the world Mrs T. I would love sitting by the fire!!

    1. It was indeed a wonderful break, Arlene. Just wish it could have been longer.

      Come to NH for a visit and we will plan a trip to Powderhorn Cabins to sit by the fire!

  3. What a glorious place for a get away!

    1. Isn't it, Debby? We love Back Lake and the Great North Woods!


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