Wednesday, April 10, 2019

A few snow pictures from this morning

Yes, from April 10!  Sigh ...

I seem to really be falling behind with blogging these days; it's been a week!  I have so much in mind that I want to blog about -- recipes, cleaning/decluttering projects, crafts I never got around to sharing photos of, recent happenings, and more -- but finding the time has been what's been difficult.  I decided that for today I would just put up a quick post concerning our weather.  These photos were all taken early this morning.
 From a corner of our balcony
 Wintry woods and stone wall
 Driveway from the dormer
That triangular shape in the middle of the photo is a metal sawhorse that was used in putting wood in the cellar in late fall.  It never got put away, and we've been using it as a benchmark to measure our snow accumulations.  For the longest time we couldn't even see the top of this sawhorse,  just its mounded shape.  You can see that the snow has settled a bit since then, but this morning it's frosting the top of the sawhorse again!

I must confess I've been having trouble keeping this wintry weather in perspective.  I actually told my husband this morning that this would be pretty in late November, but ...

Then I read what our friend Rand Hummel from The Wilds of New England wrote on Instagram this morning: "Although summer camp is only two months away, God is not finished painting glorious winter scenes like He did this morning. Thank You Lord!"

And thank you, Rand.  What a great way to think about this morning's wintry scenes!  That certainly altered my perspective.  I almost never look at Instagram in the morning, but today I'm thankful that I did.


  1. Oh no! Snow?!?!?!? I am so happy it stayed near you - I would lose my mind if it snowed here after the Spring weather we have had! I hope your thaw happens soon! HUGS! Annster's Domain

  2. You need to come and see me in Alabama Mrs T. Spring is busting out all over and we have extra pollen included for free.:)

  3. You really did get some more snow! Your photos look very much what it looks like around my yard when we get snow. You have a wonderful attitude about it, for sure! Before you know it, it will be hot and you'll wonder where to go to cool off, right? I will savor these lovely spring days because they do not last the middle of May, it will feel like the middle of August! Take care!

  4. Sigh. We're getting it here too. I figure I don't have to like it because I'm convinced it is a result of the fall. And I'm sticking to that.

  5. Firefox! That’s the ticket. Thanks, Sara!

  6. Looks like our neck of the woods!
    We woke up to 5 inches of snow, the ski slopes had 15 inches and my husband said it was a WOW day on the slopes!
    It is quite beautiful, though I have to say, it feels like winter all over again.
    We are so grateful for all this moisture, so thank you God!

    Stay warm😉

  7. I know the snow must be a little difficult to swallow right now, but oh the glorious summer will be a welcome sight. I know it might seem odd, but I feel the same way or at least I think I do when it is 90 in October here. By that time I am worn down from the heat of summer and ready for a cool breeze and a scarf around the neck, but alas it is still sweating weather. Hope that helps:)


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