Friday, September 06, 2019

Friday five for September 6

How can we possibly be in September already?  This entire year has flown past so quickly.  It is September, though, and it is Friday, so I will see what blessings I can share.

1.  Time for blogging.  I wish I could post every day, but anytime that I can post is good.  I was able to post last Friday, then Tuesday and yesterday.  I don't take this time for granted because I don't always find it.

2.  Having our younger friends over for a meal -- we made chicken pot pie and served with cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes --  and Bible study on Sunday evening.  Always a blessing.  We were doing a review of one section of the study, and even though some had forgotten to bring their study books, we could still review what we had learned.

3.  Completing a project I'd been working on.  No photos -- the recipient reads my blog.

4.  A lovely phone chat with my daughter and granddaughter on Tuesday, not to mention my dear friend Jennifer.
I learned that granddaughter Emily (11) had earned some amazing prize ribbons at the Elko County Fair for her strawberry rhubarb pie.  She used her other Gramma's pie crust recipe and my filling recipe, so it's fun to think her grandmothers had a part in her win.  Hopefully I'll have photos and more details to share later on.  Below you see Emily (at left) tutoring cousin Julia in making a pie crust, last fall.

5.  A truly relaxing Labor Day weekend, in which we consumed far more than our share of delicious food:
A hot fudge sundae at Frosty Scoops on Friday night
Haddock baskets at a seasonal seafood shack on Saturday night
Ice cream on a rainy Monday at our very favorite (but not local) ice cream place
The ice cream in the polka dot bowl was mine, with the heart garnish.  Above is my hubby's.
 We also ate breakfast out on Monday, but I failed to get pictures of that.

And there is this week's Friday five!  What blessings are you thankful for in the week just passed?


  1. Congrats to Emily on her winning strawberry rhubarb pie! How fun.

    Feels like September today...a chill in the air. It didn’t keep me from having a kiddy cone, though.

    Have a terrific weekend...

    1. We had those ice cream sundaes on a pretty chilly night, if I remember right. And not a moment too soon, for Frosty Scoops closed on Labor Day!

      Our very favorite place that is not local (the one where Mr. T had the waffle bowl) is open until mid-October though, so we will need to wend our way back there.

      Indeed, so much fun for Emily. I believe she got both a purple and a white ribbon, or maybe a purple and a green, I forget. The purple, anyway, is for best of show in all of the baked goods (pies, breads, cakes etc.) by any baker of any age. A huge honor. Hearing her tell about it was so much fun!

  2. Congrats to your granddaughter on that win!! Time with friends and family is always good. We had five ladies at our Cracker Barrel Breakfast this week. We had such a good time.

    1. We went to Cracker Barrel this morning to celebrate Mr. T's birthday. We met up with friends there who didn't know it was his day, so we kept it low-key.

      Yep, time spent with friends and family is so good. We've enjoyed a lot of that this summer, which has been so nice.

  3. A lovely post, enjoyed reading your favorite fives, like you I would love to blog more often but stay so busy.
    Congratulations to Emily, I too entered items at the county fair many moons ago. I love to see you girls interested in homemaking skills especially baking, I think this is why I enjoy baking so much even now.
    Thank you for sharing, have a great week.

    1. Thanks, Sue! I hope that you are having a great week also.

      It is indeed a blessing to see young girls like Emily interested in baking. She also sews, embroiders, and crochets. Although I am far away, I'm glad she has a local grandmother and other ladies in her life to help her learn these skills!


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