Thursday, September 12, 2019

A few more late-summer scenes

 I went out with my camera again this week -- I think it was Tuesday's walk, which ended up not being until afternoon.  It was such a gorgeous afternoon with relatively low humidity that we lingered to enjoy many scenes along the walking route.
A gate was opened and the late summer asters and goldenrod peeked through.
I leaned into the gate to get this shot of the same flowers.
It seemed as if there were berries everywhere along the roadside.  These pink ones (above and below) were particularly amazing.
I think the red berries above may be winterberries.  It is hard to tell at this stage. 
Then above, some yellow berries which may possibly be bittersweet.  Again, hard to tell at this stage.

Below is another shot of those brookside flowers -- pink, yellow, lavender and white.

More crab apples like the ones at top.  I liked this angle.
Goldenrod against a little old sugar house.

And there you have a few more late-summer scenes from our neighborhood!


  1. Enjoyed my vicarious walk. Our country is truly so pretty.

  2. So many pretty things to see when walking these days.

  3. Very pretty scenes. You’ve made me curious about the berries.

  4. I love late summer blooms, especially when they seed out! It has been so hot here I am unable to take walks to see what summer is leaving! The sugar house is so cute. Thank you for sharing, have a blessed weekend.

  5. So pretty! You take very good pictures


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