Friday, November 15, 2019

Friday five for November 15

November graphic by Abby at Little Birdie Blessings
Just a very quick Friday five post before the day gets completely away from me ...

1.  Having a quieter-than-usual week with very little time out of the house (our van was in the shop getting snow tires and having other issues checked out).  I was actually thankful I couldn't go anywhere when we ended up with snow and freezing rain, not to mention subzero wind chills this week.  Truly, God cares about every detail of our lives and His faithfulness is great!
Another by Abby
2.  Lovely chats with my two daughters and also with Jennifer, my "daughter of the heart". 

This past week as I studied for Sunday School,  I came to a question I had previously answered concerning people who have mentored us and helped us get to where we are today in our Christian life and walk.  This particular lesson is on thankfulness, and the question was to get us thinking as to people we could thank for bringing us along spiritually. 

As I thought further about this, I realized that my own daughters have mentored me in a way: while they were in college they frequently shared things they were learning about various spiritual disciplines, and they also shared helpful books they had read.  Definitely a good bit of what my prayer life is today stems from their sharing with me what they had learned on making a prayer journal.  Joanna is the one who first told me about Elizabeth George’s book Loving God with All Your Mind, which is truly life-changing.  At this point I'm a mentor to Jennifer, so in a very real way she is reaping the benefits of what my daughters shared with me.  God is so good!

Abby again!
3.  Time for some long-deferred housework, including scrubbing the tub and shower!

4.  Time to blog in both this blog and my Christmas one (link in sidebar).  Getting some posts scheduled for later this month and also for December.  Lots on my Christmas blog this week about cookies, candy, and freezing these goodies for later gifting.

5.  Saving money on groceries two weeks in a row.  Gotta love that Hannaford Rewards program that gives you 2% off on their store brands.  My bill was under $72 today and under $69 last week.

And there is this week's Friday five!


  1. Great post! I have also been doing some "house-keeping", well, projects, but trying to get this house in order prior to Thanksgiving when we will have about 15 people here. Since this house is smaller than our last one that we just moved from, I am making plans on how to seat everyone and where to put food, etc., so that we can all enjoy being together w/o stress! Yes, God DOES care about the details of our lives, even the small things. We are blessed to be His children.

  2. Another book for my "to read" list. Thank you for sharing these thoughts, Mrs. T.

  3. It is wonderful when children share spiritual insights with their parents. I love it when my daughter shares with me.

    It has been a quiet week for a lot of us with the weather not quite as cooperative as it might be. There was some melting that went on today. I am very grateful for that. Now the wind is howling; maybe it will dry things up even more.

    Hope that your vehicle is returned soon. A gal can only go so long without her wheels. 😉

  4. Oh meant to say that FlyLady’s way of cleaning the shower really works well for me. Scrub it while you’re in it using shampoo or some dish soap (I keep some pleasant smelling dish soap in there for that purpose because I am not using my nice shampoo.) Either way, they’re degreasers and they make short work of the chore. Flylady says if one is tired, to do just part of the job and pick it up the next time. Sometimes I do it that way because I am tuckered, but usually I can handle the whole thing.

  5. Thank you for the reminder that foodie gifts are easy and appreciated. I like the way you have wrapped the little bread loaves in green foil and tied with baker's string.

  6. Such a lovely post Sarah! How wonderful that your daughters shared resources with you that transformed your life, and now you are passing those resources and changes on to others! Elizabeth George is a wonderful author, but I haven't read that book of hers, I must look for it. That's awesome that you are saving $$ in the grocery store, always a blessing! Glad you enjoyed a quiet week at home, the Lord does take such good care of us! Blessings to you :)


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