Thursday, November 28, 2019

A blessed Thanksgiving to you!

This is one of my favorite Thanksgiving graphics by Abby at Little Birdie Blessings
Just a quick Thanksgiving post before I go whip some cream and prepare some side dishes!

I pray that each and every one of my readers will have a truly blessed Thanksgiving.  I know that some are grieving today.  Some are going through some very, very difficult times.  There are personal friends of mine in both of these situations today.  And yet, as believers, we still have so very much to thank God for.

Think of it!  We have a personal relationship with the God of the universe!

  One thing I have come to realize is that even in the hardest things of life, I can be thankful that God is with me.  There are many other things to be thankful for as well: He loves me; He wants the best for me; He is good; He has a good purpose for all that He allows; He knows all about every situation; He is in control and sovereign over all things; He is all-powerful and able to change any situation.

And so today, Mr. T and I pray that each of you will spend some time counting the blessings God has given you.  There are so many, starting with salvation.

The hymn "Thanks to God" is one of my very favorites at Thanksgiving time and always.  Here are the words:

 Thanks to God for my Redeemer,
Thanks for all Thou dost provide!
Thanks for times now but a mem’ry,
Thanks for Jesus by my side!
Thanks for pleasant, balmy springtime,
Thanks for dark and stormy fall!
Thanks for tears by now forgotten,
Thanks for peace within my soul!

 Thanks for prayers that Thou hast answered,
Thanks for what Thou dost deny!
Thanks for storms that I have weathered,
Thanks for all Thou dost supply!
Thanks for pain, and thanks for pleasure,
Thanks for comfort in despair!
Thanks for grace that none can measure,
Thanks for love beyond compare!

 Thanks for roses by the wayside,
Thanks for thorns their stems contain!
Thanks for home and thanks for fireside,
Thanks for hope, that sweet refrain!
Thanks for joy and thanks for sorrow,
Thanks for heav’nly peace with Thee!
Thanks for hope in the tomorrow,
Thanks through all eternity!

"Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise: be thankful unto Him, and bless His name." 
(Psalm 100:4)
Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. This is such a beautiful post full of profound truths. I am thankful for you and your faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

    1. Oh, thank you so very much, Kathy. I'm happy that you were blessed by the post. I trust that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving also.

  2. Beautiful post! Thank you!

    1. Oh, thank you, Jan! I am glad you were blessed by the post.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Mrs T. So grateful for our long term blog friendship and I loved the beautiful card you sent to me.

    1. Oh, I'm glad you enjoyed the card, Arlene! The one you sent to me was lovely as well.

      Yes, I too am grateful for our long term blog friendship and hope maybe we can meet in person in the coming year!

  4. Thank you, Mrs. T.! :)

    1. You're welcome, Becki! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  5. THank you for this lovely post, and that beautiful Hymn of Thanksgiving. I don't believe I know that one and am wondering about the melody. I trust that you and your family had a blessed and beautiful day, full of praise and thanksgiving. I know we did! We have so much to be thankful for! Praise God!

    1. Pamela, here is a link to the George Beverly Shea version on YouTube.

      It really is a beautiful song. Enjoy!

      Yes, we did have lovely day with family, thanks! I'm glad that you did, as well.


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