Wednesday, November 20, 2019

More randomness

Here we go with another random November post.  Seems that's life around here lately.

Let's see, what to share? 

🍁  The card at top was from our daughter Joanna last Thanksgiving.  The message says:

 "No matter how many miles are between us,
you're always close at heart this time of year."

She wrote in part:

"While I was shopping for groceries last week, I spotted this card and it just 'jumped out at me'! 😀  I think it must have been because it reminded me of our old mailbox ...".

This card is so cute!  Everything except the cornstalks is three-dimensional, and the mailbox appears to be actually made out of a thin metal.  The letters are actually tucked inside it.  Adorable!

But even sweeter is the heart behind it that made a busy mom of six, while shopping for groceries, pull it from the card rack, write a note inside, and send it East.  Love that girl!

🍁   Back in September, I think, I'd included a package of the classic maple leaf sandwich cookies in a birthday package sent to Nevada.  These were a cookie from my childhood, and I when I saw some of these at Ocean State Job Lot, I took the opportunity to pass on a memory.  Yesterday I got photos that told me the cookies had been opened and enjoyed.

🍁  Snow has been in the air here most of the day, but nothing is sticking, thankfully.  Although it isn't that cold out ( mid-30s), it just feels raw and damp.  I'm thankful that the snow we had previously has mostly melted.  I know winter is coming, but I'm not ready for it just yet.

🍁  Today I had the opportunity to attend a really neat concert that three of our local grandkids were in.  This semester they have been part of a homeschool choral lab at the local university.  Today was the concert: five songs, each directed by a different university student.  It was a great experience for the kids (some university students sang with them as well) and so much fun for them!  My daughter got this photo after the concert.

🍁  Last week our oldest grand, Sarah, was in her high school's musical Beauty and the Beast.  I didn't get any photos (still no camera) but it was a great show.  We were happy we were able to see it!  Sarah is at right in the photo below, taken in Nevada in summer 2017.

🍁  Thanksgiving plans are firming up a bit.  We'll be going to our daughter Carrie's for the day ... looking forward to that a lot!  Still deciding who is going to bring what, though we do know Carrie is doing the turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy.  I'll be making some sides and desserts.  Photo below is from last Thanksgiving.

🍁   Speaking of Thanksgiving, if you need any recipe inspiration, just click "Thanksgiving" in the label cloud at right and you'll see many posts featuring my tried-and-true Thanksgiving tips and recipes.  I've done so many of these posts over the years, and my recipes haven't really changed a whole lot, so I don't think I'll do one this year.

🍁   I've been working on some handmade Christmas gifts and thinking about Christmas in general.  Pulling out my Gooseberry Patch Christmas books for some fresh inspiration.  I'll likely start cookie baking this week or next.

And, for December, I'll be posting every day in my Christmas blog, Mrs. T's Christmas Kitchen.  Maybe  here at this blog as well; we will see.

🍁  Oh, and I've been listing some fun pre-owned Christmas cards in my Etsy shop, too.  Aren't these the cutest?  More to come ...

Hope you are all having a great week!


  1. Oh I was so happy to get rid of the ice in my drive and I am hoping that I can keep ahead of it going forward. The Lord knows.

    Yay for going to Carrie’s! Looks as if it is the kind of family that works together if the grandson pouring cider is any indication. You’ll have fun.

    But then, you’ve been having fun attending concerts and all.

    That is a darling card. Joanna was probably so pleased to have a reason to buy such a cute card.

    Oh I do love those Dare cookies. Perhaps tomorrow is my Job Lots day. Thanks again for the reminder about spices being available there.

  2. Another sweet post of your life and a peek into your grands' lives. :) Love the vintage Christmas cards, Mrs. T!

  3. It will be a quiet Thanksgiving here. Both Boys will be with the wife's parents. Marvin and I are going to Cracker Barrel for Dinner then Amelia and her family will come over for a snack and dessert supper. They were invited to Todd's cousin's house for dinner earlier in the day. Such is life...Hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family Mrs T.

  4. That card from your daughter was just perfect for you. I too am thankful for family that shares in all the Thanksgiving prep. Makes it a ton more fun that way. Sweet grands. I now totally understand how much they mean. I look forward to going to see him as he grows up.


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