Wednesday, November 13, 2019

November randomness

Lacking inspiration,  I thought a random November post might be in order.

Is anyone but me surprised at how fast November is passing?  It's over one-third over already, folks.  I am just not ready for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or wintry weather. Speaking of which, we got our first measurable snow yesterday.  And this morning we had wind chills of six below zero.  I hope it warms up.  I heard a forecast of 40º for Friday.  Hope it's true and that it's sunny so this snow will melt.  Otherwise, we may be stuck with this until spring.  Oh well, it's all in God's hands.
Let's see.  I'm trying to get organized with my Christmas gifting.  Still not as organized as I would like to be, but I have some gifts purchased and made and a few more planned for.

Over at my Christmas blog,  I've been posting my lists for cookie baking and candy making.  As usual, I'm planning to post in the Christmas kitchen every day during December, Lord willing of course. 

Maybe here at my kitchen table too, I'm not sure about that yet.   I've written and scheduled a few posts for December already, so it's possible I'll get here every day.

Anyone else find their December calendar filling up already?  We have a couple of church events already scheduled and my hubby's work Christmas party.  I'm trying hard not to overcommit myself this year.  Other than a card swap with my friends at the Christmas craft forum, I'm not planning to participate in any online exchanges this year.

Doing some cleaning today, I was reminded of just how much I love these Crocheted Swiffer Covers.  I've made three of them now and find that I really use them.  I think I'll make a couple more so I can always have a fresh, clean one ready to go.  If you look at the pattern, you'll see that it calls for changing colors with the rows.  I don't bother with that; just use a variegated yarn.  It goes more quickly.

I find that I'm using the slow cooker more already this season.  I use the slow cooker even if I'm going to be home all day.  If I'm doing lots of cleaning, writing, crafting, or whatever, supper can just cook itself and I don't have to think about it once I've loaded the ingredients in the slow cooker.  Tonight's supper is going to be


4 cups chicken broth (I use water and the chicken "better than bouillon" soup base)
2 cans chicken with rice soup
1 small boneless skinless chicken breast (frozen is fine -- or use a can of chicken, flaked)
1 cup salsa or picante sauce
1 can red enchilada sauce
Flour tortillas (or sometimes I just use tortilla chips)
Shredded cheddar cheese OR cubes of velveeta-type cheese

In crock pot combine the broth, soup, chicken breast, salsa, and enchilada sauce. Cook on low for about 4 hours. Remove chicken breast from soup; shred it or cut in small pieces. Return to soup.

When ready to eat, cut flour tortillas into strips (scissors work best for this). Put tortilla strips in each bowl and ladle the hot soup on top. Top with shredded cheddar or cubed velveeta. About 6 servings.

This is another favorite in our “rotation” of crockpot meals. It is just delicious and soooo easy.

(So now I see I am going to have to write another post very soon and include the recipe for homemade enchilada sauce mix.  You combine a blend of spices with a can of diced tomatoes and it works admirably.  I mix up a small jar full of the seasoning and keep it on hand.  I haven't bought enchilada sauce (other than the green kind occasionally) for quite awhile.)

Check out "slow cooker recipes" in the label cloud for more ideas!

I've been thoroughly enjoying  the Making Your Home a Haven Challenge at Women Living Well, and have been posting my thoughts on Instagram most days.

Lovely graphic by Abby at Little Birdie Blessings
Guess this post has gotten unwieldy enough so that I'd better close and go get myself some lunch.  Oh, one last tidbit -- Mr. T has 22 days left of work.  We're both looking forward to him taking a bit of time off while we think about what he'll do next.  An early Christmas present, if you will -- that time off. 😀


  1. Love your random post! learn so much in it.. new recipe, candies, crocheted swiffer covers :)

    1. Thanks, Lucie! Have fun with these ideas!

  2. Random posts are fun. I have one of those type lined up for tomorrow. Sometimes very interesting things indeed are tucked in.

    You mean, Mr. T. is going to retire, but not really? Perhaps The Lord is calling him to the ministry. Ever wondered what it would be like to be a pastor's wife? I'd better shut up, I am allowing my imagination to run off with me.

    I'd be very interested in your homemade enchilada sauce. Some of the store bought brands have so much sodium and I must be careful of that.I do love Mexican flavored foods. Must have been my years
    in Arizona where we could find authentic Mexican food.

    You have a sweet nature regarding the cold and snow. I, on the other hand, am feeling grumbly.

    1. He is going to retire, yes, from full-time logging. It's long hours, often long commutes, and high-stress. He just feels like it's time to be done. We're going to take the winter to pray and regroup and figure out what he may like to do next. During that time we will also be doubling down on cleaning out my dad's house. He does have a lot of skills and would have quite a few options for part-time work and even for volunteering. I think it's very safe to say he doesn't feel called to the ministry.

      I did email you one enchilada sauce mix recipe, but I don't think I've ever used it. I'll get on the ball and get the other one typed and sent to you soon. I just am having trouble finding it here on the computer, so have reached the conclusion that it's not here. I'm really not sure if it's very authentic or not, but it does work well in recipes.

      Oh, I'm ready for the snow to be gone, too, don't worry. Thankful for sun yesterday and today, but the snow isn't leaving too speedily!

  3. Oh wow! Retirement for your hubby? Praying God will lead you and guide you as you consider your options. Never say never... The crock pot supper sounds great. I am not good at doing the crock pot thing all day as I forget to have stuff ready (thawed out) to put in in the morning. I need to think ahead a little better, because for winter days (yes, even in Florida) it is nice to have something cooking and smelling good all day long... You are very industrious with your projects and recipes, etc. I am very inspired!! have a blessed week, and I'll be praying for your future plans...or, God's plans for your future, that is! :)

  4. I enjoyed your random post, Mrs. T. And now I want to figure out something to make in the crockpot tomorrow! :)

    1. There's nothing like the crockpot when you are busy, even if you are right there in the house. It could be a real help to you while decluttering!

  5. This post was so sweet to read Mrs.T..almost felt like talking on the phone with a friend. Cold weather has found its way down here too (30° last night, brrr) , but wind chills below zero, gracious! Random thoughts/plans about Thanksgiving and Christmas are
    floating around in my head also, and hopefully slowly will be in place. Your husband's retirement will indeed be an early gift!
    Blessings, Linda

    1. Linda, I am so happy to hear that this post almost felt like talking on the phone with a friend! That is a pretty great compliment in my book.

      We have some nasty weather (freezing rain and snow) predicted for the next day or so. Not looking forward to that. At least we had a nice sunny day yesterday!

      Yes, Thanksgiving and Christmas plans floating around. Looks like we'll be going to our local daughter's for Thanksgiving, which will be fun.

      19 more working days for my hubby. He's counting weeks, I'm counting days!

  6. You are right...random posts are the best. I too am trying harder with each passing year to make sure I don't overdo the calendar at Christmas. It can be so easy, but my favorite memories are just family times and quiet times sitting by the tree light. I made some great tortilla soup the other night. It was actually a quick fix and I need to post it. On my list of things to do. Using the crock pot even when we are home is a great idea. It is always good to have that meal ready in the evening without so much stress. Retirement...hmmm...I might be with VEe on the idea of pastoring, but God will lead y'all for sure. In the meantime just enjoy the time off.

  7. Loved your random post for November.

    Yes, November seems to have come so quickly and it will soon be over.
    I always think I'm ready for Christmas until December arrives and then it just flies by.

    Your tortilla soup sounds delicious, I'll be back when I have extra time and jot down the recipe. Thank you for sharing the recipe with us.

    Enjoy your weekend ♡


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