Friday, August 21, 2020

Friday five for August 21

Time for the Friday five!  There have been many blessings this week, but here are just a few:

1.  Cooler weather for walking this week!  It's been such a blessing not to be dripping sweat as I walk.

2.  A great day with our friend Terry last Friday.  We went out for breakfast, then for a lovely walk in the New Hampshire Veterans Cemetery where her husband is buried.  Later, we went out for ice cream.  Just a wonderful day with a dear, dear friend and sister in the Lord.

3.  This is a huge blessing!  Yesterday, the power got hooked up at the little cottage we are renovating.  We started the process in June and it's been a long time coming.  So very thankful to have lights and electricity!

4.  Getting to see several of my cousins this week.  We visited one at our extended family's cottage on a quiet pond; the other two stopped by the homestead to pick up some things I'd set aside for them.  

5.  As of today, we have FINISHED cleaning out the homestead!  Hallelujah!!!!!  We still have outbuildings to finish, but the huge task of the house is done! (And incidentally, all of the photos here  -- except for the Veterans Cemetery one -- were taken around the homestead.)

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


  1. 😁 Wonderful! How many outbuildings are there? 😳

    Yes, the weather is nearly perfection. A pleasant change.

    Keep enjoying your visits with the cousins. I'd love to have a visit with mine!

    1. There are three outbuildings: a 3-bay garage, a small playhouse, and a small sugar house. Many things have already come out of the garage, and the sugar house doesn't have a lot in it. Many of the items in the outbuildings are just out-and-out trash, so we anticipate those being a lot easier to deal with.

      We actually got to see another cousin and his wife yesterday. Stopped by to drop off some things I'd set aside for them and ended up spending 3 hours visiting on their porch!

  2. WooHoo! Great job! I know how hard that would be. You will see the end soon.
    The flowers are all lovely.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Sandy! My hubby will be working a carpentry job starting Tuesday, so things will be on hold for awhile as there's not a lot I can do in those outbuildings by myself. But I'll be listing on Etsy during that time!

  3. It has been a bit cooler here as well and what a blessing after the hot summer days. So glad to hear you are moving along on your project. What are your plans for the cottage when you finish renovating?

    1. Yes, cooler is much nicer. Such a blessing. I hope to post more about that cottage soon, as folks often ask. It will just be a little getaway place for us -- not like Grimmwood, as it's much more rustic (no real plumbing) and we will probably mostly spend days there and only go for the occasional overnight. We're making a loft for the grandkids' sleeping area. The cottage will also be a place for our Nevada daughter and family to stay when they visit.


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