Friday, August 07, 2020

Friday five for August 7

Hard to believe, but another Friday has rolled around!  It's been hot and sultry for weeks, but the past couple of mornings there's been just a touch of coolness in the air that hints ever so slightly of fall.   Here goes with five more blessings from the past week:

1.  Much more progress on cleaning out the homestead.  More trips to the Restore and thrift store -- so thankful that both are taking donations again!  I was especially tickled that we could drop off some books at librarian Susan's porch -- and had a short but sweet visit with her and her hubby also.

Roses and fields at the home place

2.  Lovely phone chats with my friend Jennifer and my faraway daughter Joanna.    It's always wonderful to catch up with these dear women by phone.

Vintage ad from my collection

3.  A cool day to bake some cakes for an upcoming wedding.  I don't need to decorate them; I was just asked to bake some gluten-free chocolate layers for the bride and groom to cut.  If you are interested in the recipe I used, it is here: Never-Fail Chocolate Cake. I just substituted the Bob's Red Mill 1-to-1 Gluten Free Baking Flour for the flour called for in the recipe.  For two 8-inch layers, I doubled the recipe, filled the pans half full and had enough batter left to make a tea-sized loaf cake which Mr. T and I devoured.

This old photo of Josiah scraping a chocolate bowl seemed just perfect here!

4.  Sunday School starting up again!  Finally we get to finish the last chapter in A Woman Who Reflects the Heart of Jesus.  This chapter is on Worship, so it seems very appropriate right now.  I've linked to the book on Elizabeth George's site, but one can also find like-new copies on for a very good price.  A note, too, that I consider the subtitle 30 Days to Christlike Character a misnomer.  I think we all know that becoming Christlike is a lifelong process.  It has taken me a couple of years to get through this study with the ladies' class, and none of us will say that we've arrived in any of the areas we've studied.

5.  Today is my local daughter and son-in-law's anniversary.  How can it be they've been married 21 years?  Where did that time go?  So thankful for them and their wonderful kiddos.
And there is this week's Friday five!  Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


  1. Cute couple! Happy Anniversary too them.

    It does make things difficult when the recycling centers are closed down. I've been driving around for a month with a trunkful of donations. ☺️

    Agree that the title needs some reworking. Ha!

  2. I would so love to have been able to help you with going through your family homestead. Sounds like it has been kike taking a step back in time. I enjoyed looking at the things you have on your Etsy site. Brought back a lot of memories...especially the Simplicity Patterns, etc. Made me wish we still wore some of those outfits and that I still liked to sew! LOL. Glad you are having some cooler mornings. The feeling "fall" is in the air or on its way is always a pleasant feeling. We don't get that feeling here in Florida for another month or two. I miss autumn in the north most of all. Have a blessed weekend. Glad you are resuming S.S. and your women's Bible study. Yes, the 30 day thing is a bit misleading. I am almost 70 and still learning and growing...and sometimes have to learn things over again! LOL. (((hugs)))

  3. What a fun picture of your son (I presume?) eating the chocolate out of the bowl and off the spatula. And what a sweet wedding picture of your daughter and son-in-law. Such a lovely couple.

  4. Loved the picture of your pretty daughter. Time does fly by! Kendall is starting high school next week!! Seems impossible.

  5. So many nice things to be thankful for. That seems like a wonderful Bible study.


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