Friday, August 28, 2020

Friday five for August 28

Friday again, and time to count five blessings from the week just past.  Here goes:

1.  Visits with two more of my cousins, on Friday and Wednesday.  So much fun to catch up with them a little bit.  Passing on finds from the homestead has brought us into contact lately!  I got together with Wayne (next to me in the photo below) on Friday and Shirley (far left in the photo below) on Wednesday.  I met with Dale (between Shirley and Wayne) last Thursday.

2.  Some days at home this week.  It was such a blessing to be able to get a few household tasks done.  Seeing my desk piled high with papers and other stuff has been really demoralizing.  I've also listed some items on Etsy and made a few sales this week.
A recently listed note card
3.  A fun get-together at the cottage we're fixing up.  Even though there is still a lot of work to do, and several amenities are missing,  things were good enough to have a suppertime hot dog roast and potluck on Sunday night.
 A corner of the living room
 New fire pit built by my hubby and two grandsons
Doesn't it look welcoming all lighted up?

4.  A campfire in our own back yard on Monday night.  Such a blessing to have a nice stone fire ring back there.  The past couple years we have not even gotten a campfire permit to use the metal ring that we had.  Now we're kicking ourselves for not having done that.  But my hubby was so busy working, it was a whole different season of life.  He had no time for things like this in the evening on weekdays.

5.  Eating outdoors as often as we can to soak up the summer.  We got a nice patio table and chairs a couple years ago for our back deck.  So thankful.  Eating outdoors -- and in fact, spending as much time outdoors as possible -- has been so helpful in this difficult time of Covid.  Below you see a typical supper -- wrap sandwiches, a salad, and iced tea!

And that's this week's Friday five!  Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. Yes, it looks so cozy at the cottage! How fun to eat outside more and more now that the bugs and heat have calmed down considerably.…makes it ever so much more pleasant. Your supper reminds me that I have cucumbers and tomatoes for a supper sandwich. Wish I had some pasta, I'd be making a quick pasta salad, too.

  2. Your hubby and grandsons did a fine job on that fire pit! Lovely note card. Glad you were able to connect with cousins. I love mine to bits.

  3. Your cottage looks like the perfect little spot to rest and relax and eat hotdogs. That fire pit is amazing.

  4. I love your cottage and all that we can see of it so far. I especially love that you have the fire pit outside both there and at your home, so you can enjoy evenings by the fire with family and friends. And your suppers on the wonderful. We are just getting to the season when we will be able to do more of that here. It has been way too hot and humid this summer to spend any time outside, but fall and most of winter we can enjoy the outdoors here much more. Looking forward to that. YOur little note card with the lamb is so sweet. And I love the picture of you and your cousins. How wonderful that you are able to get together with them. Our cousins are all out of state so it is a rare event to see any of them. Have a wonderful week and keep showing those pictures of your lovely places to gather. We love seeing that!!

  5. I love the fire pit.

  6. This was fun to see photos of your cottage. It looks so nice and relaxing and a place to make lots of memories.
    I like the outdoor dinner too. YUM!

  7. What a glorious season you are in.


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