Saturday, August 01, 2020

Saturday six

Lovely graphic by Abby at Little Birdie Blessings
I would be truly remiss if I didn't take time to share some of the blessings from the past week.  So here are six of them:

1.  Last weekend our church hosted a missionary family and we were blessed to have them in our home for meals and fellowship.  On Sunday afternoon, we got the idea to take them for a hike in the White Mountains, and what a wonderful time we all had!  One of the places we hiked to was The Basin, in Franconia Notch State Park (photo below).  Their two little children enjoyed the ride in a double stroller and of course got out at times as well.  It was a refreshing time for them as a family, and for Mr. T and myself as well.  Getting out into God's creation is always such a wonderful reminder of His power and sovereignty, and the beauty is such a refreshment in itself.  Not to mention, it was even a little bit cooler in the mountains!
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2.  Another huge blessing was seeing God guide and direct us throughout the weekend.  He nudged me to change a few of my meal plans in ways that made things easier and simpler (and cooler), and the changes turned out to be the best for our guests as well.

3.  Blueberries ripening at the home place.  On Saturday afternoon, only a couple of hours before our guests were to arrive, Mr. T and I took a half hour and went blueberrying.   Between us we got three quarts!  It turned out to be perfect because one of our guests was following a specific regimen for his health and was eating fruit instead of desserts.  He had fresh blueberries at every meal and enjoyed them immensely!  I had forgotten how calming it is to pick blueberries, so it was a blessing to me as well.

4.  The opportunity to take a picnic supper to the lake on Tuesday evening.  Oh, how calming and refreshing that was, especially after the busyness of the weekend and some very hot days!  There is just nothing like a New Hampshire lake for pure refreshment.

5.  Coming down to the homestretch on clearing out my childhood home!  Today we were blessed to have the help of grandsons Sam (16) and Josiah (12).  The last of the large, heavy items have left the premises.  Of course, I still need to dispose of many of them, but Mr. T cleared out his upstairs garage workshop to make room until that happens.

 Anyone for a deacon's bench or a chair?  There are three chairs just like the one below.

6.  I'm excited that a younger friend of mine is going to be sharing a guest post here on the blog at the beginning of next week.  She leads a women's Bible study locally and, throughout the current health crisis, has been sharing devotional thoughts with the group by email.  I'm on her email list and the one she sent out this week just blessed and encouraged me so much that I asked her about posting it here.  You'll want to keep an eye out for her post early next week!

And there is my Saturday six!  I hope that you are all having a wonderful weekend.


  1. I love the picture of, I assume, the missionary family you hosted? They look so precious...and they are...blessed are the feet of those who bring good news! Even those cute little bare feet! Where do they serve in their missionary work? Would love to pray for them. So happy you were able to take them to the beautiful White Mountains, my favorite place! Although when we lived there we never made it to Franconia, etc. We lived in Conway, and went to all the local areas in the Mt. Washington Valley and Crawford Notch, etc. So beautiful. I love the DEACON's bench! Can you ship it to Florida? LOL. That is beautiful. Are you sure you don't want to keep it? Maybe for your cottage? Love the blueberries. Are those high bush or low bush? I miss being able to go outside and pick them. How wonderful they were exactly what your guests needed! That lake looks wonderful. So nice you can actually swim in those lakes up there without fear of alligators! And I bet the water is nice and cool. I enjoyed this post today. Have a blessed week and God bless you all.

    1. This is so funny. I know I get behind on comments at times, but this is too much!

      Actually, the photo at the bottom of the post (aha -- now I remember emailing you about this) is my friend Amanda Reed and her family. The missionary family are headed to Puerto Rico, where he is from -- so you can see that the White Mountains would have been a real treat for them.

      If we happen to drive to Florida for any reason, I'll let you know and we could bring the deacon's bench along if you were still interested.

      The blueberries were high bush. They did nothing at all in 2021.

      And yes, the lake is wonderful! It's spring fed and is said to be the purest lake in NH!

  2. As a former missionary who spent time in many, many homes across western Canada while on furlough, I thank you for hosting this family.It's not easy,I know,and I love how you took their needs and wants into consideration.

    May God bless you richly.

    1. Thank you so much, Lorrie, for your kind words. We have hosted many missionaries over the years and were instructed by our pastor at the very beginning to treat them royally. That has stuck with us!

      We absolutely fell in love with this family (headed to the husband's homeland of Puerto Rico) and it was our joy to take them to a special place in our state. They told us no one had ever done anything like this for them. I found that incredibly sad. People don't know what a blessing they are missing out on.


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