Friday, September 11, 2020

A prayer on Patriot Day

Meaningful graphic by Abby at Little Birdie Blessings

It was 2017 when I first posted a link to a prayer for hope and healing on Patriot Day.  I seldom repost things, but this is so pertinent and meaningful that I've shared it a couple of times since.  It's meaningful  not only for September 11,  but for the current troubling times in which we find ourselves.  Today I would again like to just share that prayer and quote a few lines from the accompanying post written by Paige at Again this year,  I was so encouraged by this post: A Patriot Day prayer for hope and healing that I just need to share it.

Paige wrote:

"On this 17-year anniversary of that sad day in our history, we honor the memory of those who lost lives and loved ones. And, we give thanks for those who had the courage to serve in the face of danger.

"And, while Patriot Day (9/11) is recognized as the official day of remembrance for this tragic event, we know that any day is a good day to lift those most impacted up in prayer.

"Dear Loving Father,

We pause to remember the great losses and courageous acts of September 11th. We lift up those who are still affected -- Families of the victims, police officers, firemen, first responders and all who were involved. We pray for the light of Christ to flood the hearts of people everywhere. We believe you desire to redeem all your creation, and we trust that beauty will continue to come from the ashes of our darkest days. Surround us with your mighty angels of protection, give us compassion for one another in all life’s circumstances, and the courage to answer your call.


"So when we ask ourselves, even today: What is happening to our country? Are we safe? Is it going to be ok? Here‘s what I know: God was there in the chaos, and He is with us in this moment. His heart may break for His precious children, but He is never surprised by our struggles. He goes before us; He can be trusted with every detail; and He is our safe place today, and for all eternity."

So I exhort my friends today: oh, let us all take courage from those facts!  As His children understand, God is with us in chaos, as He is in each moment of our lives. And just as Paige pointed out so beautifully, "He goes before us; He can be trusted with every detail; and He is our safe place today, and for all eternity."

And I'd say to my readers and friends again today, that we need to be reminded of these facts now, in 2020.  Our country is in trouble and in chaos once again.  We need to trust fully in our God, and we need to pray fervently for our beloved country.


  1. This post really lifted my spirits, it was a needed tonic. God loves our prayers, it is a conversation with him, and he loves our country and all of His people around the world. God Bless America.

  2. Thank you for the comforting words. We seldom read a message of hope in challenging times.

  3. amen... will never forget and yes our country does need prayers
    come see us at


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