Friday, September 04, 2020

First Friday five of September

 Baptist Bible Hour
Friday again, and time to recount a few blessings from my week ...

1.  Time to bake -- and the cooler temperatures to make it doable!  I made a blueberry crunch dessert and a peach coffeecake on Saturday.  That was fun!
 Peach coffeecake!  Recipe devised by me and coming soon to a blog near you.
Blueberry Crunch, from a Gooseberry Patch cookbook, Mom Knows Best, I think.

2.  Great fellowship and message at church on Sunday.  Our friend Rick and family are visiting from Indiana.  We always enjoy Rick's preaching and the good fellowship with him and his family.

3.  Time to list some fun items on Etsy, and a good number of Etsy sales this week!

4.  Taking supper over to our little cottage on Monday night.  We had a campfire afterward.  Mondays are a busy night for the neighbors, but one grandson joined us for the campfire.

Below is neither campfire nor grandson, just a fun sight I've seen while out walking.  You can't really tell, but the truck bed is full of growing plants.  This was taken a month or more ago -- now it's easily seen that the plants are jewelweed, as they are bedecked with pretty little orange colored blossoms!

5. Resuming a study of Psalms for the first half of September.  I'm trying to post some of my study on Instagram -- I had started this study while on vacation back in June.  Then I jogged away from it for July and August to do some of Rachel Wojo's wonderful Bible reading plans.  (I did Rest for the Weary and Certain Through Uncertainty.)  Now I've jogged back to Psalms for a couple weeks and then will be diving into 2 Corinthians with Women Living Well for their fall study.

Graphic from Women Living Well
And that's the Friday five for this week!  Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


  1. Love it all. Oh, I love that sweet little dress pattern! I remember when we dressed like that...Oh for such simple and sweet little girls' dresses again. Love that truck with the flowers. What a wonderful idea! And your desserts look so good. Yum!! Enjoy your weekend. God is good! All the time, God is good!

  2. You are loving your little cottage, I can tell. Just to go somewhere away from home, even if it is not far is refreshing. And Smores make everything better.

  3. And you! Wish I had that recipe book...the ones I'm finding online don't look as good as yours!


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