Sunday, August 08, 2021

Sunday Scripture


So I'm posting every Sunday for awhile from a simple study of Psalms that I worked on last summer.  It was such a good one to be working on in 2020 -- and some of it was done while we were visiting places like Grand Canyon and Zion National Park.  As I've shared before, there couldn't have been a better backdrop; it was completely awe-inspiring and there were so many great reminders of just how amazing God is!

This Psalms study is another from Good Morning Girls.  These are simple studies but I get so much from them.  I like to use the SOAP method of Bible study, and the journal from GMG uses a very similar method.  I find it a real blessing whether I am studying shorter passages or longer ones, and I hope that you will give this method a try if you haven't ever done so.  

Today's study is from Psalm 114.  The verse we were to meditate on was Psalm 114:7, but I chose to consider both verses 7 and 8.

S= "Tremble, thou earth, at the presence of the Lord, at the presence of the God of Jacob,
"Who turned the rock into a pool of waters, the flint into a fountain of waters."  (Psalm 114:7-8)

O= This Psalm is titled by Scofield "In praise of the Exodus".  Verse 3 reminds us that the Red Sea saw God's power and fled before it; the flood-stage Jordan River was driven back.  

Verses 4 and 6 speak of mountains and hills skipping like sheep in the presence of the Lord.  Verse 8 speaks of how God brought water out of rocks for His people and how He makes springs in the desert.  All creation trembles at the presence of this mighty, majestic God (verse 7).

A= We must never forget God's majesty and might.  I think that can happen at times because we have such an intimate, comfortable, secure Father-child relationship with Him.  Yet we must always maintain that respectful awe: the fear of the LORD.  

And we must never underestimate His power.  As we remember all that He has done for His people in the past, and are reminded of His amazing power in creation, we know that He can prevail in any situation.

P= "Lord, the entire earth cannot help but tremble at Your mighty, majestic presence.  You are the God who drove back mighty seas and rivers, the One who moves mountains and causes water to gush out of rocks.  Truly, there is none like You!  That You love me deeply, that You are with me and will never leave me, should strengthen my faith and make it unshakable.  I thank and praise You that You are at work in our world, in Jesus' name, Amen."

Here's the reflection question:
"The Lord is the Lord of all the earth.  Not only are we called to fear Him, but all creation trembles at His mighty and majestic presence.

"Imagine being in the presence of the Lord in heaven.  What sorts of emotions do you think you will feel?  How does knowing that the God who causes the whole earth to tremble loves you deeply and is with you and for you?"

My answer: 
1) I think the prevailing emotion would be awe, fear and trembling at His majestic presence.  There would also be thankfulness, insignificance and humbleness .... likely more.

2) Knowing that God, who causes the whole earth to tremble, loves me deeply and is with me and for me, is the most amazing thought!  As I consider the potential difficulties ahead for God's people, I am truly encouraged as I consider His might and majesty -- and how these might be manifested in our situation. 

There you have it!  Hope you've enjoyed this simple study as much as I did.

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  1. Whatever we are feeling then, It is going to be awesome. I think I need to so a study on fear. I'm pretty sure that it does not always mean what we think it does. That's the second word today that has made me think it's time to get out the Strong's. Yes, I do enjoy reading your Sunday posts.


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