Monday, August 16, 2021

Making space ...


August 16 — Wow, it has been awhile.   Becki at Field Lilies has been making space again and she's been inspiring me.

Even though I haven't posted about it, I’ve been accumulating things for the thrift store:

Three ziplock bags with filled with greeting cards that I will never use.
Assorted small frames
Assorted magnets I’ll never use again
Some booklets of iron-ons for crafting
Several books we won’t finish reading
A nice navy blue checked shirt of my husband’s; it’s a very large XL and makes him look as if he’s lost 50 pounds.  (He keeps pulling it out of the closet and wearing it and someone invariably asks him if he’s okay.)
A blue glass swan
A Power Mate Jr. attachment to a vacuum cleaner we no longer own
A white glass vase with a motif of pink roses

These things came from here, there, and everywhere around our house, but the last three above -- swan, vacuum attachment and vase -- came from the linen closet, which I am focusing on this week.  Everything listed below came from there, too. 

To our cottage —

A package of green mesh shelf liner
A towel rack we aren’t using here

To the trash —

A huge bag of assorted towels, baby blankets, etc. that got stained with some unknown substance while stored on the lowest shelf of the linen closet.
An old shower curtain I’d been saving to use at the beach — it got stained too
A tapestry rug with a fun design of lighthouses; barely used, but the rubber backing has disintegrated, so …

I have the lowest shelf of the linen closet now fully decluttered.  There are three or four more to go.  I've snatched things off them here and there, but hopefully I can get the rest of the closet completely decluttered this week.  We will see!


  1. That’s great. Helping my parents declutter and preparing for them to move in here has me busy, too. I’m glad though.

    1. Yes, it's for a great cause. That's so great that your parents' home has already sold. Such a good idea in these crazy times that they can come and share your home.

  2. Yay for decluttered linen closets! It was shocking what came out of mine. Haven't missed anything yet. I hope Mr. Across My Table doesn't miss the shirt. 😁

    Having quite the time with donating things again as the shops are closing down again. If that's how it is going to be, donated items will have to go to the landfill.

  3. No worries about the shirt ... he knows I am donating it. But how sad that thrift shops are closing down again in your corner!

    We are not seeing that here (yet) so I guess I had best get that box to our local thrift store before things go all sideways again.

  4. Cleaning out things feels as losing weight on purpose.

  5. I need to borrow some of your energy and inspiration for cleaning. I keep "thinking" about it, but just can't get up the drive to do it. Probably because of my neck issues that are keeping me from doing anything "extra" right now, but one of these days I am just going to start "purging" and when I do, look out! LOL. Our church has a thrift store and I know it will appreciate anything I can take there. They help a lot of needy folks in our community, even if they can't pay for the items. It is a ministry I need to do my part. Thank you for this inspiration today.

  6. Good work, Mrs. T! Reading this post, I think you've inspired me to look at a few things differently that I've glossed over up until now. :) I go into another week of decluttering with fresh eyes. Thank you!


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