Thursday, May 12, 2022

Consistently late


 Again this week, I'm late writing a Hodgepodge post and linking up with Joyce at From This Side of the Pond.   However I feel compelled to try.  Here goes!

1. What do you never get tired of? 

Seeing grandkids, spending time at our cottage, helping out at a Christian camp.

Our little cottage in the woods

2. My mother made the best ________________________________. 

Cinnamon swirl bread, maple fudge, and brownies. 


3. What machine or appliance in your home aggravates you the most? Why? 

Over the years it's mostly been the vacuum cleaner.   I have been so aggravated by "power  heads" that become disabled by one strand of hair.  However I must say that our current vacuum cleaners are working just fine.  At the moment, it's the dryer that is giving me fits.  My hubby just did a lot of work on it,  and it seemed to be working fine but it's now becoming pretty variable in how it actually dries the laundry.  First world problems.

4. What are three things that brighten up your day when they happen? 

Seeing the grandkids, getting a snail mail letter or card from friends or family, finding time to do needlework.  Hard to believe I once had time to make the embroidered tea towels in the photos below!  That was during a busy season of life, too, but this one feels busier.  Or maybe it's just that I'm older and have a tad less energy these days.

5. Thursday (May 12) is National Limerick Day...write a limerick about relating to spring weather, spring blooms, or a spring event (five lines, the first two lines rhyme with the fifth line, the third and fourth lines rhyme together)

Spring in New Hampshire is springing,
The birds are all cheerfully singing.
Spring blossoms bloom bright,
But our joyous delight
Is tempered by blackflies now stinging.

Seems to me the annual blackfly invasion surely qualifies as a spring event.

Lilacs are not quite here yet.  But they will be.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Helping out around The Wilds of New England this week, I took a bag of trash to the dumpster and impulsively decided to use the sliding door on the side of it rather than lifting the lid from the front.  This positioned me to see something I wouldn't have ever seen from in front of the dumpster: a gorgeous clump of marsh marigolds growing in a sparkling little brook.  I love how God is in every detail of life and He seems to delight in reminding us of that!

And that wraps up the Hodgepodge for this week!  Why not head on over to From This Side of the Pond and snag the questions to answer on your own blog? 


  1. I like your limerick! Too bad about the bugs that annoy when we most want to enjoy being outdoors enjoying the beautiful weather.

  2. Anonymous3:09 PM

    I am trying to grow marsh marigolds for about the third time. A favorite memory flower from growing up. They survived the winter, so here’s hoping!

  3. I've never seen Marsh Marigolds before that I know of! So lovely!!! And I do remember the black fly season in NH and Maine. NO fun! Then come the mosquitoes, which I believe is the Maine state bird. LOL. I know they sure were big!!! But other than that, I loved New England in the spring and summer and fall. Winter just was a tad too much for this southern gal. I love your limerick! You did it perfectly! And the embroidered bluebirds, etc., so sweet. Yes, I remember doing so much more when I was younger and busier, but now I have more time and not nearly so much energy. Just doesn't seem fair somehow! That maple fudge sounds so good. I'm not a big fudge eater, but maple fudge in small doses is good stuff!! Thank you for sharing as always. Happy May to you!

  4. Your limerick is clever, Mrs. T. My excitement over spring would probably be tempered by biting flies, too! We have lots of gnats for some reason and they are a nuisance. Thank goodness, they don't seem to be biters.

  5. I loved your photos and your answers. That maple fudge looks good. I love all things maple.


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