Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Spring delights


I'll freely admit that spring is not my favorite season.  March is still winter up here in our part of New Hampshire, while April is ugly, to put it nicely.  So much mud!   May is when things begin to green up and blossom.

The deer at the top of the post was enjoying some of that fresh greenery,  nibbling ferns in the woods outside my kitchen window.  There were actually two deer, but the second wasn't close enough for us to get a picture.

We have spent much of this month helping out at The Wilds of New England, so some of these photos are from there.  Love the one soft pink tulip along with the yellow ones!

These beautiful tulips are also at The Wilds of New England.

The primroses above are at our home  and were a Mother's Day gift from friends last year.  I was thrilled that these plants survived the winter!

The video below was taken looking out of a living room window at our little cottage  around 6 a.m. last Friday.  The birdsong is truly amazing!

Last week I posted a photo of the beautiful marsh marigolds at TWNE.  I also took a little video.  Just listen to the brook!

Of course the first visit to an ice cream place each spring is very special.  We visited one on Friday but ate in the car because the picnic tables were all in the sun.  They made a mistake  on my hubby's order and gave him a waffle cone instead of the waffle bowl he had asked for.  They realized their mistake and gave him both, telling him it was his lucky day! 😀

And there are just a few of the delights of spring in New Hampshire.  Hope you have enjoyed this photo tour of them!


  1. Yes, things are just now looking up. It sure has been a chilly week after the warmth before. Guess the warmth will return and then we'll slide back down to cool again. My furnace has been running! The Wilds of New England is a lovely place. I enjoyed the song of the birds and the song of the brook. Ice cream does make for a happy day. I can not be trusted with any! 😁

  2. So delightful to hear the birds singing, and then the little brook babbling...and then to see the ice cream melting...LOL. All so lovely and happy spring pictures! Thank you for sharing them with us. I enjoyed this very much. And the deer! Oh yes! I posted deer pictures yesterday. Did you see them? 'Tis the season!


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