Thursday, May 05, 2022

Maybe, a hodgepodge


Yes, it's just possible I may fit in time for a Hodgepodge post and link up with Joyce at From This Side of the Pond.   May and motherhood are the topics this week.  Here goes!

1. May Day! May Day!...last time you shouted for help? Or maybe just asked? 

I asked my husband to make some sandwiches last night for supper, as we had just returned home from several days working out of town and I had an important document to complete and email before leaving for church.   That was the most recent (and very undramatic) call for help!

2. What's something you may do this month? 

I may find a day when my walking partner and I can get back to walking on a weekday morning.  Rain, and work and other commitments on both our parts made our walks quite sporadic in April.  So far May hasn't worked out either.

Bloodroot ... the earliest blooms in the wildflower garden

3.  'April showers bring May flowers' this true where you live? What's blooming? What's your favorite springtime blossom?

Actually, the first day of May was gorgeous but the rest have been showery -- more like April.  Daffodils, forsythia, dandelions, bloodroot -- that's all I see blooming around our yard,  Further south,  where we have been helping out at a camp, there are tulips, some azaleas, violets, hyacinths, and possibly more in addition to the others I mentioned.  My favorite springtime blossom?  Good question.  Maybe violets.

4. What's something you learned at your mother's knee?

The importance of keeping my room clean.   I'm glad she can't see my bedroom today ... one dresser is stuffed full of vintage paper goods I'm working at selling, and two huge covered boxes of kids' books stand nearby, ready to list and sell.  Ironically, they all came from her house!

The book below is illustrated by the inimitable Marjorie Cooper, who also illustrated many, many delightful greeting cards back in the day.

5. Share a thought about motherhood. 

Once a mother, always a mother.   I find my motherly instincts are still there whether the "children" in question are my grandkids or younger friends.  Below is a scan of a fun Mother's Day card I received from one of my daughters many years ago.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

 After several weeks with no Etsy sales at all,  I forgot to put my shop on vacation for the few days we were away this week.  When I got back, there were two nice orders.  Got those out this morning.  Below is one of the cards that sold.

And that wraps up the Hodgepodge for this week!  Why not head on over to From This Side of the Pond and snag the questions to answer on your own blog? 


  1. And what kind of sandwiches did Mr.T whip up? Isn't it odd how quickly, with one thing or another, we can fall out of a good habit? Hope that you gals will hit the trail again because May has such delicious spring mornings. Yes, once a mom always a mom. 🌷

    1. Ham salad! We had extra sandwich fixings left from our sojourn at TWNE. He even put them on plates, added potato chips, fixed ice water ... he's a keeper for sure.

      Yes, life has been so crazy throughout April and into May for both of us gals. Her hubby had cataract surgery and will have the other eye done next week. That (along with many other responsibilities) has kept her busy. Course Steve and I are busy with volunteering, selling property, church merger ... things like that. And there has been so much rain! Now the black flies are appearing ... Sigh.

  2. I LOVE that card your daughter gave you years ago! That's the kind of card I would love to receive too! Very sweet and happy...Sounds like you are keeping very busy between assisting at the camp and your own projects. The last time I cried for help was similar to yours...I asked hubby if he would like to go to the grocery store and pick us up a rotisserie chicken for supper because we had had a busy day and I had totally forgotten to set out something for supper. I wrote about it in one of my posts this didn't turn out so well after all! I am having to learn to be a better meal planner in advance so that doesn't happen again! LOL. Love your flowers that are blooming. Spring time is so refreshing...I remember those first blossoms up in NH in the spring after such a LONG, COLD, and dark winter. They were quite welcome!!! Thank you for sharing with us. I always enjoy your posts.

    1. Just went over and read about your rotisserie chicken adventure! That is too bad, but at least you had salad and baked potatoes to eat.

      Yes, we are keeping very busy. The really busy season for us will end when the camp season actually begins in June. They need us mostly for getting ready (and then putting everything away in late fall).

      Then you are likely to read more "camp and cottage" posts from me, as we jump into further renovation on our little place in the woods and plan for our NV family's visit in summer.

      Yes, that Mother's Day card is so sweet. I have saved it all these years and often decorated with it.

  3. The bloodroot is pretty. I've never heard of it. We've had weird april weather. May has been a mix of rain and forsythia and daffodil are dont blooming. My lilacs are just now blooming. I enjoyed your answers

    1. Bloodroot is always the first wildflower to appear here. It's odd in that it migrates around. It's in a different place in (or outside of) the wildflower garden every year. Large tree roots, and even a brick path, don't stop it from moving. This morning I found a patch of it out by our garage ... a long way from where it started!

      Our lilacs are just beginning to leaf out.


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