Wednesday, August 03, 2022

Hodgepodge for August 3


Wednesday, and time for the Hodgepodge -- the linkup where Joyce, at  From This Side of the Pond, asks the questions and bloggers provide the answers on their own blogs.  This week's questions relate to sisters, watermelon, and more.  Here goes!

1. Do you have a sister? Tell us something about her. If you don't have a sister, tell us about a friend who has been like a sister. Or tell us about a sister-in-law if you have one who is extra special. 

I did have a younger sister.  She passed away in 1997 from MS.  She was the youngest of the family and -- from the point of view of my brothers and myself -- quite spoiled as a child.  She really wasn't, of course -- it was just that she seemed to get away with more, and was allowed to have food preferences that had never been allowed for us older ones.  I'm holding my sister in the photo below.

2. Resister, assister, insister, persister...choose one of the words listed and explain how it relates to you and your life lately. 

How about persister?   Lately it seems as if much of what my hubby and I are busy with is persisting .. persisting in trying to get him a new phone that works and lets him keep his number ... persisting as we try to sell some land to fulfill a trust responsibility ... persisting with trying to ready an outdoor shower at our little camp .. and much more.  We are also resisters,  but persisting has occupied so much of our time in the past couple weeks that I had to choose that one.

3. Share a favorite song, book, movie, or television program that features sisters.

All I can think of is the Hayley Mills version of The Parent Trap, and that "Sisters, Sisters" song from the movie White Christmas.  Oh wait!  My very favorite would be the book Little Women.   Below are my childhood copies of Little Women and Jo's Boys.

The photo above is of the frontispiece art in my copy of Little Women.  Can't even count how many times I read that book in my girlhood!

4. August 3rd is national watermelon day...are you a fan? Do you like watermelon flavored candy? Besides eating the melon as is, do you have a good recipe made with watermelon? 

Oh yes!  We love watermelon.  Not a fan of watermelon flavored candy, though.   I have often made a simple watermelon salad with cubed watermelon and crumbled feta cheese,  drizzling it with a raspberry or other fruity vinaigrette.

Photo from Pixabay

5. 'Tis August...what are three things you're looking forward to this month? 

 Fresh corn on the cob with lots of butter and salt.
Getting some housework accomplished in anticipation of our NV family's visit in September.
Getting more work done at our camp.

Kids husking corn on Labor Day 2021

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

My hubby and I were chatting about this early this morning: we must be getting older.  We sleep well (especially at our little camp) but we always wake up so tired.  I think part of it is that we've been out of the house every evening this week, for various reasons.  Not late, but still ... I'm thinking that isn't helping.


And that wraps up the Hodgepodge for this week!  Why not head on over to From This Side of the Pond and snag the questions to answer on your own blog? 


  1. sleep well, but wake tired. That is my story as well. 😏 takes too many. Your little sister was so cute and she looks a lot like her big sister.

    Oh my yes, your August will be busy getting ready for September company. And what fun preparations they will be. The anticipation is almost as good as the actuality.

    Going scouting for corn today and a decent tomato. The farmstands are open...

  2. Waking up tired is something I'm dealing with too. No fun! Hope you have a great day.

  3. We had fresh corn for dinner tonite. It was so good and I don't feel like we've had as much of it this summer as we normally do. Good luck with all your projects requiring persistence.

  4. Feta and watermelon is such a good combination. It's the season for corn on the cob, yum! Hope your persistence pays off soon!!

  5. I enjoy your posts so much. I am sorry that your lost your sweet sister so young. MS is a very sad and bad disease. Oh, I am the baby of our family, and my older siblings, especially my sister, think I was spoiled too. I say it isn't true! I had to work just has hard as they did washing dishes, cleaning house, etc., etc., etc. LOL. Oh, your corn on the cob sounds so good. We get our fresh corn here in May/June, so the season is past already. Now I'd love to have some. Same for watermelon. Although as hot as it is now, some fresh cold watermelon does sound good. I am happy for you that your family is coming in Sept. That will be a lovely time in your neck of the woods, and I can imagine it will be a fun time for everyone. I admire your persistence! Even when it is tiring, it is worth the extra effort to keep working toward a good goal. We are experiencing the same here with the opening of our kids' new store. It's been exhausting, but well worth the effort. Enjoy the rest of your summer days. God bless you all.

  6. Yes to all the fresh corn and watermelon!! And your camp sounds awesome!

  7. I thought I'd left a comment; my apologies if this is something a duplicate. Or maybe a completely different thought from when I was in here earlier. I love the book, Little Women. I have Jo's Boys, but have yet to read it. I love your old copies. Thank you for sharing about your sister. Your photo is a sweet one.

  8. I'm so late in commenting on everyone's posts. I enjoyed your answers. I'm sorry about your sister. I LOVE corn on the cob. I want to make the mexican corn that is popular and the name is totally slipping my mind.


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