Monday, January 16, 2023

A fun surprise in the mail


 Last week I received a really nice surprise in the mail.  Although I had advance notice months ago that this package would be arriving in January, of course I had forgotten all about it.  

For years I've submitted recipes and memories, and the occasional craft idea,  to Gooseberry Patch for possible publication. It's always fun to get a note from them letting me know they'll be publishing one of my submissions.  Best of all, that means I'll get a free copy of the book when it's published!

This time the book is Mom's Best Sunday Suppers, -- subtitled Tried & true recipes for gathering family around the table -- and it's a great one from what I have seen so far.

I'll be writing a review eventually, but for now I'll just share the chapter titles: Sunday Dinners with Family; Casual Sunday Suppers; Simple Soup Suppers; Fresh Side Dishes; Pass the Bread, Please; and Treats from Mom's Kitchen.  Just paging through it, I've seen several recipes that fit into our current low-carb eating plan, and I have already tried one recipe, for Crustless Green Chile Quiche.  We thought it was wonderful!

Wondering what recipe I submitted?  It's a favorite recipe for focaccia bread.  The link takes you to a 2015 blog post about it and links to Taste of Home, where I found the original recipe.  Since then, I have tweaked it often, as I mention in the blog post.  In fact, even since submitting the recipe to Gooseberry, I have changed it even more since I no longer have a bread machine.  I have loved the way a bread machine produces perfectly risen dough, but this focaccia bread still turns out great even without one.

Gooseberry Patch has let me know that I'll be receiving another free book in June, when a memory of mine will be published in a fall cookbook.  I'm sure to forget about it, so it will be another truly wonderful surprise!


  1. That's great! Congratulations! Finding an affordable bread machine these days has proven to be quite a feat.

  2. Happy Congratulations to you!

  3. Wow, congratulations

  4. Oh, how fun! Congratulations on being published once again.


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