Saturday, February 24, 2024

Saturday six


 Quickly popping in with six blessings to share from the week!

1.  A glorious sunrise one morning this week as we ventured out to catch the early morning light!

2.  Wonderful fellowship with dear friends on Monday as we met for breakfast.  Another thing we did later was to work on a jigsaw puzzle together.

3.  A chance to serve the Lord at our volunteer jobs.  My hubby is helping on a remodel of one of the small buildings at The Wilds of New England.  I've been working on purging and shredding of old files.  I also got some small sewing projects done while we were there, as I had brought along my sewing machine for any downtime.

4.  Getting out to walk each day this week, either in the early morning at TWNE or in the afternoon in our own local downtown.

5.  The opportunity to get together for our monthly Ladies of Grace gathering of church ladies.  Our devotional discussion was on ways to bring peace into our homes.  What a blessing the time was!

This beautiful graphic, and the one below, are by Abby at Little Birdie Blessings

6.  Reading in Jeremiah 29 this morning in preparation for a future Sunday School lesson.  Speaking through Jeremiah, God told the Israelites four times that He, God, was the one who had caused them to be carried away captive.  And we need to acknowledge God's hand in our difficulties, as well.

See you all tomorrow for Sunday Scripture!  And I hope each of you will also seek out the blessing of fellowshipping with God's people at a Bible preaching church.

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