Thursday, May 17, 2007

Back On Track Challenge, Day 1

Okay, I've reached the end of my 21-day back on track challenge. Has it been successful? Not entirely. However, I have re-established the habit of exercise -- the habit I'd really fallen down on and was most concerned about. To me, that's a huge victory! One way I've motivated myself to exercise daily is to reward myself after exercising with an opportunity to post on my Christmas Kitchen blog. It's worked beautifully.

For today, here's what got done:

* Bible study -- just worked on my Sunday School lesson. Almost done! This has been a very challenging lesson.

* Creativity -- spent some time researching crafts for Vacation Bible School. Brought home all the craft materials from church to see what we already have that can be used. Started going through the materials and have thrown away some junk already.

* Homemaking -- just the basic routines. Did some baking for a tea party with friends (rescheduled until next Friday). Finished my menu planning and grocery list. Cooked a meal for my parents and did their grocery shopping.

* Health & energy -- did pretty well drinking water, kept up with BCI. Exercised; went for a walk.

In other news: I got a call tonight from a church in another state interested in purchasing some of the kids' summer devotional books I've written. Exciting stuff!


  1. Anonymous7:17 PM

    This is VERY exciting! Please keep me updated! When do the kids of your church start using the materials?

    A friend of mine, she's 82, I think, had a book published recently and she said she felt that, "When we are gone, we are gone. But the words we write live on and on."

    I think we live on and on in the legacy of our familes and their lives lived for Christ. Generation to generation...

    But it made sense what she shared too. Maybe one day someone will find this devotional you have written and it will bear even more fruit. I kept things from Sunday school in a memory box for years. I am rambling...(:

    I am so happy for you that God may use this even further for His glory!


  2. You are both right! We do live on and on in the legacy of our families' lives and also in the lives of others we have impacted for the Lord.

    But the words we write also live on and on. (Especially if they are posted on the Internet, I think it is next to impossible to ever remove them!) Think of books you have read that you return to again and again... they continue to bless and encourage and edify even long after the authors are dead.

    I am trying to leave my family some of my written words -- as of last year, each of my married kids gets a copy of that year's devotional book for their own families to use. Since these daily devotionals are not dated by year, they can be used over and over. But of course I know my testimony and example speaks louder than anything I could ever write... and I pray it will be all that it should be.

    Yes, it is indeed exciting to think of kids in different states being able to use these books. The lady who contacted me said that her church had tried all sorts of things in the past to provide a summer devotional book for the kids in their children's ministry. They were so pleased to find something written specifically for the purpose.

    Now we have kids in 4 different states using the books! Do pray for wisdom for Mr. T and me as we think about ways to inform other churches about the books and ways we might get them printed more inexpensively, for the future.

    Thanks for your encouragement!

    God bless,


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