Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Back On Track Challenge, Day 3

Well, I'm getting down to the wire on this challenge. Have I been successful in re-establishing my good habits? In some areas, yes, definitely. In others, I'm still struggling. Today was a very busy day with time spent out of the house. Here's what got done:

* Creativity -- basically nothing. I'm doing a little thinking about a cover I want/need to make for a laundry sorter I bought.

* Bible study -- worked on this week's Sunday School lesson and my memory verse.

* Homemaking -- basic routines only.

* Health & energy -- ate healthy all day, but at very odd times. My digestion has noticed the difference (and has not been happy). Drank plenty of water, maybe not quite enough. Exercised but had no time for a walk.

In other news: the kids' devotional books came back from the printer's today. Hurray!

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