Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Some of God's greatest blessings are little ones...

I imagine most of us have seen or read that saying somewhere. I was reminded of its accuracy today. Arriving home after a difficult morning, I was happy to see that my husband was still here on his lunch hour. True, he was on the phone with his mom, but he was here!

After finishing his conversation, he motioned me over to the kitchen wall phone where the answering machine is. "There's a message here you just have to listen to," he announced, pushing buttons until he reached the message he wanted.

And out of the machine came the sweetest little childish voice, singing "Jesus Loves Me"! It was 3-year-old Sam, who had wanted to call and sing Grammy a song. What a special blessing for both Grampa and me! It sure lifted my spirits and pointed me back to what's really important.

It's so true... some of God's greatest blessings are little ones!


  1. How sweet! I can just imagine how precious that was to you!

  2. Thanks for sharing the story (and the picture!). :) I'm glad that it was blessing to you! I love how he has been singing so much around the house lately; it's so cute to listen to.

  3. Yes, indeed, it was a huge blessing. I don't actually see myself ever intentionally erasing this from the answering machine!


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