Friday, February 01, 2008

Show & Tell Friday for February 1

For Show & Tell today, I would like to share some nifty items which make life easier in my kitchen. They are all things which Mr. T has added to help me out with kitchen storage. He would want me to caution you, I know, that these items are what he calls “rustic, very rustic.” They are by no means fine carpentry and he realizes that. But these things are a huge help to me and are commented upon by almost everyone who spends any time in our kitchen.

First: The mug rack. This is simply a board with cup hooks in it, placed up at the top edge of the ceiling. I took this photo this morning when several mugs were elsewhere, so that’s why it isn’t full. He put this up because we had far too many mugs to keep in a cupboard. Many are still in a cupboard, and I’ve given away and yard-saled others. But the ones we use almost every day are on this rack. A nice plus to keeping mugs here is that, on days when the wood stove is going in the kitchen, the mugs stay warm. Pre-warmed mugs for hot beverages!

Second: The spice rack. He built this because I tend to buy spices at the dollar store or the kitchen store, and the bottles are larger than the spice bottles sold in the supermarket by the brand-name spice companies. As I acquired more and more of these larger spice bottles, we had to do something, so he built a rack specifically to fit them.

Third: The tea rack. When we came to the point that we had so many tea boxes that they began tumbling out of the cupboard, we had to figure out different storage for them. I saw a rack similar to this (fancy, made out of oak, I believe) in a tea catalog for around $80. Mr. T figured he could make a “rustic” one out of pine to serve the same purpose, and he did. It works admirably. I couldn’t get a photo that showed the top shelf (too narrow of an area where the rack is located next to our back door), but the top shelf could be used either for display (which I do) or for 2 additional tea boxes.

At the bottom of the rack, I have hung a teapot hanging made out of felt from a kit some years ago. I’ve always wanted to make another, and saved the pattern just in case. Maybe someday!

And then this final photo, which was not taken in my kitchen, but instead in a kitchen in faraway Nevada. My daughter who lives there wanted a tea rack, so on one of our visits, Mr. T and our son-in-law worked together to make one. It’s so neat to think of her having something just like mine, that was handmade, in her kitchen too.

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  1. Mrs. T, such practical things to hang your cups and keep your spices (so neat!) and teas! Wonderful to have a handy husband! Happy S&T Friday! :)

  2. What love and care Mr.T put into those for you. I absolutely LOVE the Tea rack--impressive :o)


  3. What great ideas. I especially love the tea racks! Fun...

  4. What a clever and handy hubby you have! What a lucky gal you are! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow--what great ideas--I have the same problems--all three! I will have to do some thinking--I don't have a husband that makes things--he probably doesn't have the right equipment---plus I don't think I have the wall space in my tiny kitchen--but I will have to think up some solutions!!

  6. How wonderful that he comes up with these great ideas to fill your needs.

  7. Glad to see some Twinnings
    English Tea in your cupboard!
    Nice Organization!

  8. Wow, they are not only functional but they look very well made too. You have quite a handy man. They are so special.


  9. Love your show and tell! I have been waiting 17 years for my hubby to make me a spice rack like that! Seems like whatever spice I happen to need is WAY in the back of my cupboard and I end up taking every bottle out just to get the one. It drives me crazy! Someday I'll have a dream spice rack like yours. Someday.....

  10. I have a stand up spice rack which is at the back of my counter. I'd sooner it were on the wall, but hey-ho, it still works! That's a great idea about the tea rack too. You have a very useful husband there! I use the beams in the kitchen to hang stuff from, especially as I don't have much cupboard space.

  11. Hi ladies,

    So nice to see you all here! Thanks for stopping by my kitchen table to see my show & tell! I love company!

    Have a great day, everyone!

    God bless,


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