Sunday, February 10, 2008

Some Valentine decorating

I have done just a small amount of decorating for Valentine's Day. I don't own a lot of Valentine things, but am adding to my collection year by year.

Here is my ribbon board in the front hallway with a number of Valentines displayed. Several of these are lovely old vintage valentines, and others are much newer. See those beaded red hearts? I also have some of those hanging from my kitchen cupboard doorknobs.

Also in the front hallway, a framed page from a Tasha Tudor calendar of many years ago. I change the page in this frame almost every month.
Here is how my hutch looks now, in February. I figure that snowy houses and trees, and berries with greens, are still seasonal, especially up here where we still have so much snow.
Here is a closer look at the "valentine shelf" of my hutch. At either end I have placed a vase from past Valentine bouquets. I've decorated one with a beaded heart and the other with some valentine ribbon. In the center of the shelf is a Tasha Tudor valentine-themed book, placed upon a valentine hanky from my childhood. In between I have a valentine snow globe (a birthday gift from my granddaughter Sarah), a kitcheny tag and a whimsical crocheted flower (gifts from a sweet friend) and a glittery homemade votive holder.
Last but certainly not least is a brand-new decoration which I just whipped up yesterday following Kelli's directions on the Seasonal Delights blog. It's a Valentine banner. Kelli's has a definite Victorian flair, but mine, as you can see, turned out quite differently. I just used items I had on hand, and I am really pleased with how well it came out and how nice it looks in my dining area.

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