Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A poem to encourage you

This poem was printed on the back of our church bulletin last January. I saved it, and lately the words have spoken to me so strongly that I thought it needed to be shared with others as well. So here it is:


In quietness and confidence
My strength shall ever be!
No weariness shall overcome
The soul that's stayed on Thee.
Though trials sore and hardships come
My strength He shall renew;
His presence shall envelop me --
No ill shall e'er pass through.

My case into His hands I've given,
He knoweth all my need;
And He who notes the sparrow's fall
Shall still provide and lead.
Though sudden sorrow pierce my heart,
Though storm-clouds rise and thunders roll,
In quietness and confidence
Shall be my strength of soul.

Though friends may fail, the world be dark,
I know for me He cares,
And as a Father pitieth
In all my grief He shares.
And so, whatever may betide,
Or whether weal or woe,
In quietness and confidence
Shall be the strength I know.

~ Nettie M. Sarge

And one of the promises the poet alludes to is from Isaiah 30:15 -- "in quietness and confidence shall be your strength". These words were actually written to God's people, Israel, who so often rebelled against His care for them -- the verse goes on to say, "and ye would not". But God still does give strength in quietness and confidence to all of those who will truly walk with Him, no matter how difficult their circumstances may be. This is what the poet is trying to convey here.

I hope this poem encourages someone else today as it has encouraged me!

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