Saturday, December 13, 2008

Treasures of darkness...

This morning in Streams in the Desert I read something that encouraged me so much that I wanted to share it.

At this light-filled, festive, happy season of the year, I have been reminded that many are experiencing dark times. This is a difficult season for many people. As believers, we are no longer walking in darkness as we used to be. Ephesians 5:8 reminds us, "For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light." Still, we will pass through dark times even as believers. Consider, for example, the "valley of the shadow of death" alluded to in Psalm 23. And that is why today's reading in Streams in the Desert encouraged me so much as I pass through a time of dark trial in my own life.

The verse referred to was Isaiah 45:3 -- "I will give thee the treasures of darkness." And here is the wonderful reading for today, written by J.R. Miller:

"In the famous lace shops of Brussels, there are certain rooms devoted to the spinning of the finest and most delicate patterns. These rooms are altogether darkened, save for a light from one very small window, which falls directly upon the pattern. There is only one spinner in the room, and he sits where the narrow stream of light falls upon the threads of his weaving. 'Thus,' we are told by the guide, 'do we secure our choicest products. Lace is always more delicately and beautifully woven when the worker himself is in the dark and only his pattern is in the light.'

"May it not be the same with us in our weaving? Sometimes it is very dark. We cannot understand what we are doing. We do not see the web we are weaving. We are not able to discover any beauty, any possible good in our experience. Yet if we are faithful and fail not and faint not, we shall some day know that the most exquisite work of all our life was done in those days when it was so dark.

"If you are in the deep shadows because of some strange, mysterious providence, do not be afraid. Simply go on in faith and love, never doubting. God is watching, and He will bring good and beauty out of all your pain and tears."

Maybe you are going through a time of dark trial today. You have no idea how God is going to bring good out of this, but you are trying to obediently follow Him through the valley of the shadow. I hope that this lovely illustration will encourage you as it has me.


  1. I am still praying...
    Love, Patty

  2. Thanks so much, Patty. God is working... but please do keep praying. We are finding we have "just enough light for the step we're on."

    Thanks for stopping by!


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