Saturday, May 30, 2009

A spring getaway

This week, we were able to take just a few days away at our favorite lake up in northern New Hampshire. We arrived on Monday afternoon and left on Thursday morning, so it was a quick trip. Here I must admit, sadly, that we forgot to take the camera. So any photos in this post will be from last fall.

Monday and Tuesday were beautiful days, while Wednesday was rainy, and it was raining when we got home on Thursday. We did manage to get out for a walk each morning. Even on the rainy days, since the rain didn't start early on, we were able to go for a nice walk. On Tuesday we walked on the other side of the lake. There isn't a road that goes all around the lake, so we drove to the other side, parked at a boat launch, and just walked from there. One lovely sight we saw was wild forget-me-nots in the woods and along the roadsides. Also on this walk we saw two baby foxes playing while the mother fox dozed in the sun.

We decided that spring is a couple of weeks behind up there, compared to here. The leaves aren't out as fully, and there are different flowers in bloom. For instance, the flowering crab apple trees are blooming up there, while that is pretty much over in our area.

But the pansies are blooming in the rustic stone steps leading down to the dock.

One of our favorite things to do is go out for breakfast, so we planned that into our getaway.

The first morning we went to Tall Timber, a fabulous classic sporting lodge. The breakfast was delicious, the ambience amazing, and the prices very reasonable. The second morning we ate at Happy Corner Cafe, which has a wonderful breakfast menu with some really unique omelet, French toast, and pancake choices. Mr. T had a Philly cheese steak omelet and I had what was called a Montreal omelet, filled generously with Canadian bacon, sauteed mushrooms and Swiss cheese. These came with home fries and homemade toast. The third morning we ate breakfast at the cabin so we could get an early start heading home.

Tuesday, I spent almost every minute sitting on the dock.

Mr. T went kayaking around half of the lake, came back for lunch (which we also ate on the dock), and then paddled around the other half. I got a lot accomplished sitting there in the sun -- wrote letters, planned menus, made the grocery list, worked on my Sunday School lesson, did some reading, cross-stitching, and journaling. Totally relaxing. And then to hear the call of the loons... well, it was nearly a perfect day. As perfect as anything gets in this life!

On the rainy day, we enjoyed relaxing by the fireplace in our cozy cabin.

To be able to look directly out on the lake while eating lunch or supper or while having morning devotions by the fire was just wonderful. The loons were out and about each day -- we saw as many as three at one time -- and came quite close to shore. On Tuesday we also saw a moose swimming across the lake! During this trip we saw 3 moose, 5 deer, 3 foxes and a porcupine.

All in all, it was a wonderful getaway and we are so thankful that God allowed us to have this special time away.


  1. Hoping to be an emptynester soon, hubby and I are planning little get-aways together. Kudos to you and your husband to take time to just enjoy!!!

  2. Hi Carla --

    Yes, the empty nest is actually a very nice time. It's a little sad when the last one leaves, but you quickly get over it and then thoroughly enjoy the new season of life. It's a great idea to be planning those little getaways now. Then when the time comes, you will have your plan in place.

    Nice to see you here again.. stop in anytime!

    God bless,


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