Monday, June 22, 2009


Well, my back-on-track challenge has completely fizzled out. It's not that every day has been a total loss, but there have been very few days where I felt "on track" in every area.

Again, I've kept up with my daily devotions and with basic homekeeping tasks. I do want to do a major cleaning and decluttering of my house. I've managed to fit in a little exercise most every day and have eaten well most of the time. I've done well at making routines and scheduling on some days, and completely ignored them on other days. I'm still not back to where I want to be with Bible study and Scripture memory(other than to prepare my Sunday School lessons), and time for creativity has been nearly nonexistent.

So I'm trying again, working on the theory that it takes 21 days to build a habit, with the goal of being completely back on track by July 15.

As before, here are the areas I'll be working on:

* Health & energy

* Devotional life

* Homemaking

* Creativity

I will try and check in every day and post about how I'm doing.

If anyone else is still feeling as sidetracked as I am, feel free to join me in this challenge!


  1. Tell me more about this "on track" program, or is it just something you are doing on your own? I would like to accept the challenge with you for the next few weeks and see if some new habits could be formed in my own life!!!


  2. Hi Mrs. Doug!

    Yes, it's just something I'm doing on my own. For the health and energy part, I'm trying to eat better, drink enough water, get enough sleep and exercise regularly. For the spiritual component, I aim for a quality time of prayer and Bible reading daily, and Bible study if I can fit that in. For the homemaking part, I have routines and schedules that work beautifully for me, if only I can actually use them! And creativity... well, I allow myself to count anything creative, even cooking or writing, not just crafts. But I have learned that if I don't have creativity in my life somewhere, I don't do well. I need a balance.

    It seems I get "off track" every year after writing the devotional book, so I need something like this to get me jump-started again.

    I'm tickled that you will be joining in the challenge with me!

    God bless,

  3. Dear Mrs. T.,

    I know exactly what it feels like to be "off track". If you don't mind, I would like to join you and see where it leads us...

    But we must do it for 21 days!

    God bless!

    lady m

  4. That is wonderful, lady m! It's always encouraging to have company on a challenging journey!

    God bless,

  5. Hang in there Mrs T...I am with you, it has been a crazy week, conspiring to keep me off balance. We will try again next week.

  6. Arlene, thanks so very much for the encouragement. Those sweet, cheering words from you are just what I needed to hear today. You're right -- we will try again next week!

    God bless you!


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